Chocolate Chip Apple Bread

Happy Friday!  To start the weekend, here’s a no-oil, no-butter recipe for Chocolate Chip Apple Bread from Dupont Teflon’s magazine, Carefree Cooking.

Chocolate Chip Apple Bread

It tasted great, and might taste even better to you if you make it in a free ProBake loaf pan courtesy of DuPont Teflon.

ProBake Loaf Pan and Cookie Sheet

Just leave a comment telling me your least favorite step in baking, and you will be entered into a random drawing for a scratch resistant, Teflon coated ProBake loaf pan and a very durable, non-buckling, Teflon coated Pro-Bake cookie sheet. I plan on drawing a winner Monday morning, so leave your comment before 6:30 AM CST Monday morning.

And read on to hear more about my experience with the bread and the bakeware…..

The quick bread was convenient. I made it all in one bowl and didn’t bother to grease or line the ProBake loaf pan since the point of the Teflon coating is to keep things from sticking. The bread baked very evenly, had a dense crust, and a surprisingly pleasing texture despite the lack of fat.

The chocolate chips did stick a bit, so I’d advise you to add a thin coat of cooking spray to the bottom of the pan if baking something with chips. Other than that, the loaf pan worked well and I’m confident most loaves, especially ones made with oil, will slide right out.

The ProBake cookie sheet was even better. I used it to roast a batch of potatoes at 450F. The potatoes didn’t stick and there was no buckling, which is a problem I’ve been having with my other baking sheets as of late – some of which are more expensive than ProBake.

ProBake can be found at major retailers and on Amazon. Or if you’re lucky, in a box on your front door! Just leave that comment telling me something you do NOT like about baking….particularly, a step. Mine would be measuring and mixing dry ingredients because I always make a mess.

If you missed the recipe link, here it is again — Chocolate Chip Apple Bread.

Disclosure: This is not a paid advertisement, but I did receive a free loaf pan and cookie sheet to sample.

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  1. says

    I’m pretty anti the cleaning part. I try to clean as I go as much as possible, because I always feel like the longer something sits, the grosser it is.

  2. Louise says

    I hate when the recipe calls for sifting ingredients as I’m not fond of having to wash the sifter. 🙂 Out of curiosity, does the label on these items say it’s dishwasher safe, but when you read the fine print, it suggests you hand wash it? Wilton and most others say this.

  3. Jacqueline says

    Greasing the pan has always bothered me. It used to be measuring shortening/butter until I got a scale and started weighing it. What a time saver and less dishes!

  4. suburban prep says

    My least favorite step in baking is actually the clean up of the materials.

  5. Stephanie says

    I’m not sure this contest is open to Canadians but I wanted to play anyways! The least favourite part of baking for me is creaming the butter with sugar. I know I should just use that step to measure out my other ingredients but I now look for recipes where you just incorporate melted butter into the rest of the ingredients.

  6. says

    I hate cleaning too!

    Louise, that’s a good question. I looked at the fine print and it said to clean it with hot soapy water or in an automatic dishwasher. They cautioned against using steel wool (as expected). Who’d use steel wool on Teflon, anyway?

  7. Natalie says

    I don’t like sifting my ingredients together. I generally just hand mix them together and hope it works!

  8. karen says

    I get stressed out blind-baking a pie shell. I hate when they start to slide down the pan or puff up.

  9. Juli says

    getting everything out and putting everything away. too bad it’s not like on the cooking shows where everything is out, measured and ready to create!

  10. Stephanie Schiltz says

    The least pleasant part of baking is that I usually forget to take out the butter that needs brought to room temp. before use or eggs at room temp. In other words I’m disorganized!

  11. Mary Parks says

    My least favorite part is making batches. When the first batch comes out I like to burn my mouth on the fresh hot baked delicacy. Once I have tried it, I sometimes get too distracted by the finished product that I burn the second batch. Maybe that’s just me but I wish they could all be done at once.

  12. Meghan Finley says

    I hate taking my yummy food out of the pan. It always breaks or sticks 🙁

  13. Rebecca says

    I think “cleaning” would be too obvious, so I’ll say measuring the dry ingredients! Probably because I always make a mess doing it!

  14. Jennifer says

    I hate measuring ingredients like peanut butter and shortening. Someday I need to do the weights on those so I can just weigh them out.

  15. Melissa C. says

    Least favorite part is working really hard on something and having it turn out dissapointing!

  16. MommaMary says

    I live in an extremely cramped apartment so I detest gathering everything I need for the recipe. I have things tucked everywhere, no good system (I’ve tried). I have yet to figure out how to down size my kitchen.

  17. Donna G says

    My least favorite part is waiting long enough for it to cool that I don’t make a mess while cutting or (more likely) burning my tongue tasting it! Seriously though, I like to bake and don’t really mind ANY of the steps!

  18. says

    I am not a fan of sifting! I hate having to pull out my sifter- I end up making a huge mess and I hate having to clean it out afterwards!

  19. Jeni Herrera says

    I hate when you have to spray the pan or they WILL stick and cookies get tooooo mushy!

  20. kazue says

    My least favorite step would be going to the store to buy the one ingredient that is inevitably missing from my pantry

  21. Hannaeh B. says

    my least favorite part is the measuring! I think that’s my my baked goods come out a little less that perfect.

  22. Bigfatbaker says

    I hate refrigerating dough! I just spend 20 minutes making the stuff, now all I want to do is bake it and eat it!

  23. Dee says

    I make a terrible mess when baking, so cleanup is definitely the worse part.

  24. rachel says

    My least favorite step is taking the eggs, butter, etc. out to reach room temp. I’m more of a spur of the moment baker!

  25. JennieM says

    If I don’t have help in the baking process, I just hate the cleaning up after…..If I have help, I hate the waiting for the dough to chill!

  26. Sherry says

    I’m just playing along — I don’t want to be entered in the contest because I was lucky enough to win the awesome containers and cupcake liners that Anna gave away recently (see, real people DO win!!). Anyway I hate the cleanup just like most everyone else. And thanks again Anna!!

  27. Caley says

    I actually love doing dishes with the major exception of anything that has held butter or peanut butter. It’s so greasy and smells weird!

  28. says

    I’m really not sure I could think of something that is my least favorite about baking. I really enjoy all of it. But I like what Kelli just said on the comment before me–the waiting to taste part! I’m really not fond of dirty dishes much either. 😉

  29. Sammie says

    My least favorite thing to do is beat egg whites to a stiff peak. I’m always afraid I will under-beat or over-beat them.

  30. says

    My least favorite part of baking is clean up. Followed closely by cracking eggs and picking out the shells!

  31. Jacqui says

    My least favorite thing about baking is waiting for the item to be done!! I am impatient and want to eat my treats right away 🙂

  32. Katie says

    Sifting flour. I avoid this whenever possible. I’m not even sure why – I guess I’m just messy with it so it becomes a hassle!

  33. Jenny says

    I hate lining square baking pans with foil. I’m too OCD making it fit in perfectly.

  34. Mandi Marcus says

    My least favorite part is trying to not to eat the raw cookie dough because I know its bad for you!

  35. says

    My least favorite part is waiting for ingredients to come to room temperature. I always forget about that and then I’m trying to place the butter close to the radiator so that it’ll soften more quickly. 🙂

  36. Carole Resnick says

    cleaning up Washing all bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons. etc..

  37. Puppydogs says

    I would say my least favorite thing is when the baked item will not come out of the pan-at all. I made macaroons in a mini muffin pan so they were cute, bite sized and so I would not have to shape each one. I sprayed the pay, but it did not matter. I could not get a single one out of the pan-argh!

  38. says

    I’m ‘okay’ with washing the dishes, even though I don’t have a dishwasher. Cleaning up flour is much more annoying, because it gets everywhere. But I would have to say that my absolute least favorite task is cleaning off any chocolate that gets on my clothes. I always forget to put on an apron or an old shirt

  39. Stephanie says

    My least favorite step is removing the cake or brownies from the pan. I know they’ll always come out because I always use parchment, but there’s always that irrational fear that it’ll break and get destroyed when I try to take it out!

  40. Emily says

    I am terrible at cutting bars, I really hate trying to make my (baking) results look pretty!

  41. Kari says

    My least favorite part is waiting for the ingredients to come to room temperature. I have no patience.

  42. Sara says

    I don’t like mixing things in separate bowls. But I guess that is probably because I don’t want to clean them. ha ha.

  43. says

    I hate having to roll anything out on the counter or using my hands. For some reason, I don’t like the feel of flour on my hands!

  44. Kris B says

    My least favorite step is greasing the pans! I make such a mess! I also don’t like cleaning up the mess because I usually get flour everywhere!

  45. Shannon says

    I hate measuring cocoa powder and confectioners’ sugar (because I always make a mess).

  46. Sam says

    My least favoriate part is having to find an oven to use (I am a university student living in the dorms).

  47. Ericnaz says

    Losing the weight from eating the baked goodness…if that doesn’t count then cleaning up afterwards

  48. pitpat says

    sifting. And worrying about whether that new recipe I am trying will turn out just the way it should.

  49. Jennie says

    I don’t like pulling things out of the pantry and unloading the dishwasher! Neither is too bad, but in comparison to my pleasure of the other steps!

  50. J says

    My least favorite is sifting the flour.
    I wash the dishes in between while I’m baking so I
    don’t have a big mess afterwards.

  51. Christina says

    My least favorite step in baking is waiting for the baked good to cool. I tend to simply try to scrape off my baked good ASAP, which leads to crumbing and sticking.

  52. Gianna says

    Taking it out of a pan when there’s a good possibility it might stick. My last bundt cake broke in half. Not even PAM helped me.

  53. Shelly says

    My least favorite step in baking is when I have to cream or beat something for a long period of time as I only have a hand mixer.

  54. Tina says

    I guess I would have to go along with what many others are saying…and that is the cleanup. When I was still living at home I would bake something, make a terrible mess, and leave it to my grandma to clean up. I don’t think she minded though and she would get me back when it came time for canning. She didn’t make me clean up but I did have to help and that was some hot work.

  55. Meredith says

    Remembering to take butter out of the fridge/freezer to soften. I hate it when instructions say “softened butter”!

  56. Upstate NY Native says

    I don’t like having to do all the chopping/cutting of ingredients. I will clean up for you and grease your pans any day if you’ll chop/cut for me!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to see that box at my door :-))

  57. Susan says

    I hate greasing the pans. More than that, I hate quieting that little voice in my head that tells me it might be OK if I skip it….

  58. Karen says

    I am really impatient and hate when I forget to put the butter out to soften or ingredients to get to room temperature!

  59. Karin Muserallo says

    My least favorite thing to do is take the baked item out of the pan it’s in after it is cooled! I always get very nervous about will it or won’t it stick to the bottom? I take it very personally when it won’t come out after all that hard work making it ! : ) LOL!

  60. Sharona says

    I hate when you put in all the effort of making and them it doesn’t come out good!

  61. Betty C says

    I hate the clean up because I use too many different things. I really should learn to clean as I go but I haven’t mastered that yet.

  62. etti says

    I hate adding the flour because when the mixer starts, it’s s flour snow storm.

  63. Lisa says

    Greasing my baking pans. I know it sounds crazy but I refuse to use Pam for reasons of chemicals in the product plus most people not recycling their cans so I bought a Pampered Chef spray thingy. It works but my biceps get a workout pumping that thing up. Sigh, me and my crazy convictions. 🙂

  64. diane conover says

    The “Waiting” because it smells so good and the “Clean up” after each step(bowls, spatulas and pans especially if they stick!

  65. Amy says

    My least favorite step is pouring the dry ingredients into the wet. No matter how carefully I pour, or how slow the mixture is, it always poofs at me.