New Brownie Cookie Recipe from Food and Wine

I have three favorite double chocolate cookie recipes, plus a new one to add to the list. These Chocolate Brownie Cookies were featured in the November issue of Food & Wine, where editor-in-chief, Dana Cowin declared them the most delicious she’s ever had.

Food and Wine Chocolate Brownie Cookies

The magazine describes them as crispy-chewy brownies in cookie form, but mine were less crispy and very fudgy one the inside.  Not that I’m complaining, but I’ve had cookies that were a lot more  brownie-like.  These were more like Maida’s Whoppers or Sarabeth’s Chubbies —  fudgy, fat and decadent.  They might have been crispier had a I used a chocolate with 53% cacao (semisweet), but I made two batches and never used anything below 63%.  My favorite version was with 70%.

Anyhow, they’re worth trying.   They hold their shape nicely and the dough can be shaped, frozen, and baked as needed.  The recipe is also easy to halve or quarter, so if you want to splurge and make these with really good chocolate, you can make a quarter batch and not spend a fortune.

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    Those do look like a good chocolate cookie. I’m planning to post one, too, I think on Thursday. They are Nigella Lawson’s called, I think, Totallly Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. They ARE really good, too. I wanted to make them once more before blogging them.
    So many to choose from and so hard to pick a favorite. That’s almost like having to pick a favorite child. 😉

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