Happy St. Patrick’s Day — Three Easy Doctored Cake Mix Cakes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  And Happy “End of Spring Break” for others. I think St. Patrick’s Day is more worthy of a celebration in this case, so here are a few recipe for cakes you can whip up in a hurry.

The one I always make (and an excellent excuse to buy a bottle of Midori) is Midori Bundt Cake. It’s kind of a yellowy green and makes a nice Easter cake as well.


If you like mint, this St. Patrick’s Day Mint Cake is very easy and fun.

St. Patrick's Day Mint Cake

But if chocolate is more important to you than green, you might consider this easy Chocolate Irish Cream Cake

Irish Cream Chocolate Cake

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  1. Katie Stewart says

    I made the tato cake again today with the following substitutions/additions:

    I added 1 t. espresso powder to the boiling water
    I subbed buttermilk for sour cream
    I (accidentally) used an organic dark chocolate bar with shredded coconut in the cake (I MUST improve my label reading!!)

    Also, the glaze came out a bit thicker this time… more of a spreadable icing, but I am not complaining. Last time it was too thin and it pooled up in the middle of the “boon-d-t” )

    Anyway, the cake is delish!

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