Pillsbury Funfetti Birthday Giveaway

Put on your sunglasses because the baking aisle just got a little bit brighter! In honor of Funfetti’s 25th birthday, Pillsbury has created four bold and vibrantly colored Funfetti frostings.

Pilsbury Funfetti Ice Cream Cake

You can read more about the Funfetti promotion on Facebook, but take a minute to enter this giveaway for Cookie Madness readers.  It includes the following:

  • One box of Pillsbury Funfetti Premium Cake & Cupcake Mix
  • Funfetti Frostings (1 each of four new frosting flavors)
  • $50 dollar Visa or American Express gift card
  • Total estimated giveaway value: $60

For a chance at winning the giveaway, leave a comment with your favorite party tip.  I will pick one comment at random on Friday (April 19th)  and notify that person on Saturday (April 20).

Here are my favorite party tips.

a) Do as much as you can ahead of time, including the cake.  An ice cream cake is perfect because you can assemble it up to a week ahead, wrap it tightly, frost the day before the party, then decorate  the day of the party.  And of course if you put the ice cream in the cake, you don’t have to worry about serving it alongside the cake.


b) Let the kids do the decorating.  I’ve never met anyone under 12 who didn’t love decorating, and it lets you deal with other things.  If the party is small, they can decorate the whole cake.  For a larger crowd, put out a bunch of plain cupcakes and let people go to town with various frostings and decorations.

Girls Decorating Funfetti Cake

c) If your kids are older or if the party is for an adult, build the theme around a color or a color palette.  It may sound overly simple, but give it a try.  Using color is a sure fire way to ignite your creativity.  For this cake, I used photo on the bottom right corner of Pillsbury’s little Baking Palette Inspiration Board.

ice cream cake made with Funfetti


Pillsbury Birthday Funfetti

Good luck with the giveaway!  I’m looking forward to your party tips. UPDATE: Congrats to Theresa D for winning the giveaway. It is now closed.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by Pillsbury, but I received a sample of the product and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Jeffrey says

    My favorite party tip is to get the kids involved. When they have a say in the decorations, cake and activities it makes for a more enjoyable time for them which translates to a better time for everyone else!

  2. rachel says

    I do as much as I can ahead of time, and while I prefer homemade, I’m not against using store bought shortcuts when I can!

  3. Allison W says

    My favorite party tip is to always have extra ice…. You can never have too much ice when there is a party!

  4. Nancy says

    A fun party tip for kids or adults is to let each person assemble their own goody bag -ie choosing a mix of candies or have an activity at the party that they do and bring the creation home. Also, my b-day is in a week so would love to win some cake ingredients 🙂

  5. Martha in KS says

    This is a great way for us to share tips! I’ve learned to make large batches of food – casseroles, sheet cakes, etc. instead of smaller individual servings such as cupcakes – it saves lots of prep time.

  6. says

    My favorite party tip is to serve the main course in a slow cooker. That way the food is already made and you don’t have to worry about reheating meals for people who show up late.

  7. Amber says

    Soooo cute! Love these new Funfetti colors too. My party tip is to always have extra paper towels/napkins on hand so you’re always ready to clean up a mess 😉

  8. LeAnn Freeman says

    I always prescoop ice cream into little paper cups so the line for cake doesn’t back up.

  9. Stella says

    My favorite party tip is to visualize how the food you are serving will look like on the plate: do you have enough variety of color, texture and taste? If the image is all too similar in color, taste, texture then mix it up! Prepare easy to handle foods so your quests aren’t juggling too much while trying to enjoy the festivities.

  10. Paula B. says

    Some good tips here, mine: think of who your party-goers will be when setting the day and time of the party. For example, if the party’s for a group of working adults, a Thursday evening supper party might be something to look forward to after a long day/week. If there are young children, Saturday lunch or even a Sunday brunch is often a good time for the whole family to party!

  11. Caley says

    Everyone goes crazy over mini, individual servings…pizza muffins, fruit salad in scooped-out personal watermelons, mini cheesecakes, and so on…and then it’s easier for everyone to customize.

  12. Rachael H. says

    what a great giveaway! my favorite party tip is to do sundae or cupcake bars when there are going to be kids present. my cousins LOVEEEE a sundae bar. it makes it fun and pleases everyone 🙂

  13. tara says

    My favorite party tip is to throw a theme potluck and share with party-goers – you’d be surprised at how creative and how well the dishes pair together!!!! I have had awesome luau, “pink lady”, and “college beer night” themed dinner parties with friends!

  14. Jennifer J-W says

    Well, since I only have really held children’s slumber parties, I’m not sure how great my tip is, but here goes:
    When my children would have large birthday slumber parties, I would make the easiest breakfast that everyone liked and required zero thought. I’d throw frozen french toast sticks in the oven and while those baked, I’d make a couple dozen scrambled eggs. It seems like all the kids liked at least one of those and I wouldn’t have to work too hard after an almost-sleepless night.

  15. Mami2jcn says

    I agree with all your tips! I think getting the kids involved in the decoration, food prep, and even the invitations is a great idea!

  16. Tommy says

    Make sure you have a plan of when everything needs to be made, and have everything done as much ahead of time as you can. And to relax 🙂

  17. Darlene says

    Several days ahead of a party, decide which serving dishes and utensils you will need, locate, freshly wash, and label them with what will be placed in each on a Post-it or scrap of paper. This eliminates searching for serving pieces that you only use once or twice a year minutes before your guests arrive. Also, if someone offers to help you at the last minute, they will find the proper dish to place the chips or potato salad without having to ask.

  18. Jacqui says

    My favorite party tip is to cook as much as you can ahead of time! Make sure everything is prepped and ready to go so you can spend more time with guests and less time running around the kitchen.

  19. CindyD says

    I’ve already used the purple frosting on flower cutout cookies for an AAUW luncheon – they were a big hit – even got a handwritten thank you note from one woman saying the cookies looked professional!

  20. Katie says

    I try to as much cooking and prep ahead of time as possible, so that I can enjoy the party, too!

  21. says

    I like to bake my cake the day before, wrap the layers in plastic wrap and refrigerate. I make the frosting the next morning and assemble the cake.

  22. Suzie A says

    Make large size funfetti cake mix cookies ahead and freeze for the party day. On party day, frost the cookies and put out different and fun toppings for the kids to decorate their cookies. It will be a super hit!

  23. Susan J says

    I like to purchase supplies as they go on clearance. Target always has something I can pick up. Invitations, napkins, treats for goody bags, etc.

  24. Holly B says

    Don’t be afraid to outsource some of the work (my faves are Whole Foods and a couple local bakeries).

  25. sharonjo says

    I heard somewhere that for a child’s birthday party you should invite one more guest than the child’s age; e.g. if your child is turning 6, invite 7 guests. I think it keeps things from getting out of hand and overwhelming for younger children. Another tip: small goodie/treat bags for each guest. Thank you for the giveaway! Those colors are vibrant–love!!

  26. Christine says

    Finger foods! Great way to get people in a common area with something to do and curbs their appetite. Plus, you can find delicious finger foods that are usually make-ahead or require minimal effort.

  27. Mindy Sauther says

    I love balloons. Hang some from the ceiling, tape them to chairs or have a bunch just on the ground. They are an instant sign for a party!

  28. says

    Favorite party tip–don’t stress too much about every little, teeny, tiny detail of cleaning the house (like I always do). Because no one will notice.
    Definitely do as much as possible a day or two ahead.

  29. says

    My tip: Do buffets so everyone helps themselves and have crock pots to keep food warm. Using crock pots would have saved us a huge headache last Thanksgiving when we tried to keep all the side dishes warm with ONE microwave. Would love to try confetti

  30. Katie Stewart says

    Presentation counts! Serve simple food, but display it Creatively! For example, serve potato chips in a big china bowl, or as individual servings in brown paper lunch sacks.

  31. Meg S says

    Don’t worry about doing everything yourself. Ask for help and buy something instead of making it if you need to!

  32. Mary Lynn says

    My party tip is…Always invite your “best friend” so she can help you out. She invites us..we invite her. It’s a win win..and loads of fun.

  33. Shari says

    Do as much as possible ahead of time! and when people ask what they can bring, let them bring something that can’t be made so far ahead of time. But always frost the cake/cupcakes the day of the party, even if they’re frozen.

  34. Michele E says

    Get everything possible ready the day before. I even get my serving dishes out. I set the bag of chips in the bowl I’m using so the next day I just have to open and dump them right in.

  35. says

    My best party tip is always have way waaaay more ice than you think you’ll need. The same can probably be said for napkins, alcohol, glasses and chips too! Those things all seem to evaporate at parties!

  36. Shayna says

    My party tip:
    To make the planning/hosting/clean-up less stressful and less hassle, try using disposable utensils and plates. You can get pretty creative with the color/pattern combos, and there are even sets that look so real, you couldn’t guess they were plastic!
    Clean-up becomes simple:D

  37. Rebecca says

    Make a list of everything you need to do and a schedule of when to get things done. Crossing things off a list always makes you feel more productive!

  38. krista says

    my favorite tip is to make a bunch of mini desserts ahead of time and freeze them. also preparing casseroles the night before and just reheating the day of the party. and always have cheese!

  39. Ashley says

    I try to pick recipes that require little work and that lots of people have liked in the past, and doing as much as you can ahead of time.

  40. Sherry says

    It’s silly but just before the party I like to recite to myself “be in the moment, be in the moment.” In the past I would be so consumed with the party details that I forgot to enjoy my guests—I don’t let that happen anymore.

  41. Claudia says

    My tip is: avoid planning too much – enjoy the company and let things happen naturally; any agenda can make things uncomfortable for everybody

  42. says

    I try to keep everthing simple and to prepare as much as I can ahead of time. I will even set the table ahead of time if I can. For the food just do it so that all you have to do the day of the party is to reheat and then serve. I also use things that I don’t have to wash later, that way I get to enjoy the party and not spend the night in the kitchen cleaning everything up.

  43. sheri4L says

    Yes plan ahead as much as possible. I have a few friends who always want to bring something so I will tell them what I need and that helps too.

  44. Beth says

    Do as much ahead of time as possible. Set the table, even get the coffee pot ready to go.
    That way you have time to talk to your guests.

  45. Jacinta says

    My tip is to always look for the Philsbury magazine at the checkout stand for the occasion that is coming up. I love to pick these up because they have simple recipes that is perfect for the occasion. Happy Baking!

  46. Patty H says

    Since I seldom have big partys, I just make sure everyone is comfortable and has a place to set or put their glass.

  47. Jacinta says

    My tip would be to pick up the Pillsbury magazine at the checkout for the occasion that is coming up. I love to pick this up because they have simple and awesome recipes just for that occasion.

  48. says

    Tell yourself its ok if something goes wrong. I always freak out at the smallest thing and it usually turns out im the only one who notices.

  49. says

    Keep the party SMALL! Here where we live, we’ve tried having parties with 10 or more kids, and NOBODY COMES. So, we invite one or two special friends and go do something fun, and it’s much less stress for everyone.

  50. Heath says

    Do everything that is possible ahead of time. Make it a fun party for everyone that attends.

  51. Teresa says

    For dinners, serve things that keep warm well so it can be ready and waiting — like pulled pork that can wait in a crock pot.

  52. Anne says

    When I have a party, I make sure the food and drink I’m serving is simple to serve and eat. Simple-to-serve example: One flavor of ice cream so I don’t have to take orders and remember who wanted what. Simple-to-eat example: No artichokes!

  53. Danielle T says

    i like to make sure to hang streamers everywhere! change the whole atmosphere up!

  54. Erin says

    Plan ahead. Buy all food in advance and prepare as much of the food prior to the big day, as you can. Also, make a list and check it 5 xs.

  55. Crystal says

    I use a giant water dispenser with a spicket so everyone can help themselves. I slice limes,lemons or oranges in slices and freeze them in a single layer. When I will the water I pop in the frozen slices of fruit, looks pretty, flavors the water and keeps it cold.

  56. Danielle says

    Plan a non alcoholic cocktail for those not on booze. Something like fruit nectar and seltzer or sparkling cider served in a champagne flute makes it extra festive!

  57. Kelly D says

    My favorite party tip is to have a lot of seating and activities to keep guests entertained and comfortable.

  58. Valerie says

    Keep it simple. Kids don’t care about all the fancy fru-fru. Cake, games & treat bags are what’s important! 😉

  59. Martha in Georgia says

    Make a decision to have a small, intimate party or an all-inclusive party when dealing with tweens. It’s important that you either keep the guest list to a small number (3-5) or invite the WHOLE group.

  60. Mel C says

    Put all your snacks in the serving bowls the night before and put plastic wrap on them so all you have to do the next day is pull off the wrap after the guests arrive.

  61. Kari M says

    I try and do as much as possible in advance. I always take a guest up on an offer to bring a dish. Remember it shouldn’t be stressful! The only one who notices that your house isn’t perfect is you.

  62. Theresa says

    Make the food you’re bringing in advance so that you can taste it and fix any problems! I would not recommend just hoping for the best with a first time recipe !

  63. Sara says

    My favorite party tip is to keep it simple. Choose foods that you can make ahead or buy pre-made from the store. You can choose your color scheme based on what you can find easily. Most importantly, don’t stress out! It will all come together in the end.

  64. Melissa says

    For parties with children, scoop the ice cream into cupcake papers the night before and top with sprinkles. Store them in a roasting pan in the freezer and pull them out when it is time to eat the cake. Serving the scoops with a pair of tongs, ice cream can be dished out quickly for impatient kids!

  65. Phyllis says

    Make a list of everything you need to do and what you can do the day before. It calms me to have everything crossed off my list and I can enjoy myself.

  66. Jillian says

    If you can go with disposable plates, cups, cutlery, etc., do it!
    Maybe not the most environmentally friendly option, but it makes clean up so much easier and creates fewer broken dishes/hearts!

  67. Jennie says

    Haha! I am the absolute worst person to give advice on parties. When I have to cook for more than just my husband and me, I practically have a panic attack. Not even kidding. So my very bad advice is to make easy stuff, like finger foods and cupcakes and cookies, and take deep breaths, and don’t give into the temptation to hide in your bedroom until they all leave!

  68. Kathie says

    Accept help from others and let the children be involved in the planning And have fun

  69. says

    I always like to have a theme for a party because I think it helps make planning for the food easier. For kids’ birthday parties, that’s easy. For my daughter’s carnival themed birthday party, for instance, we served hot dogs, popcorn and bunches of food on sticks.

    For adult gatherings, I don’t think in terms of themes that need to match an invitation or anything, but themes like finger foods, picnic foods, soup night … that way, if it’s a potluck kind of situation, everyone brings something that kind of goes together. Or, if I’m the one doing all the food, I can narrow down the food from my favorites really quickly and nothing will be odd or out of place.

  70. Nancy S. says

    have alcohol for adults — people notice less when they’re a bit lubricated. And everyone loves the Bisquick sausage balls.

  71. Christy says

    Don’t worry about everything being perfect, ie: accept help from everyone that offers it. Think of a few friends that can help ahead of time. Really good friends love sharing their talents. Everything from decorating to games or even bringing a dish to share. Then I try to bring a dish to their kids’ parties! (:

  72. Rhonda S. in Wyoming says

    For an adult and children dinner party, I choose recipes that are well liked by everyone including the children and can be prepared in large proportions to feed everyone. For a kids only party, I pick up several of the $4.99 large 1 topping pizzas from Dominoes…the do the cooking, the kids love it and it’s inexpensive! ALWAYS make a list well ahead of time with everything to be done and mark it off as you complete each task.

  73. Ela says

    Set the tables the day before the party, decorate if you have to. Chill what have to be chilled in the refrigerator, drinks, salads, cakes ahead of time. As much as possible serve dishes that you can do ahead and just put them in the oven the day of the party. Use dispsables; plates, fork/spoons/knives, etc. for easy clean-up. Don’t stress too much, remember to have fun!

  74. Stephanie-Oh says

    First , I do as much prep work as possible , a couple days before party. I write out a schedule to follow a week prior to party, this includes grocery list etc so that I can look at a specific time and know what I need to be doing. I check off completed tasks as I go. I do this during the Holiday festivities or any party that I’m in charge of. I get great satisfaction just crossing off each item from my list. It really works.

  75. Kelli says

    My tip would be to plan ahead. Make a list of what needs to be done & work backwards from party day to create a schedule of things to do.

  76. Katie M says

    For kids, my favorite party tip is to not worry about goody bags. Instead, do an activity at the party that produces something that can be taken home. Baking bread, cookies, mini-pies, etc.; making candy; tie-dying or puffy painting shirts, making jewelry; building something…all of these activities are a lot of fun AND produce a fun gift for the guests.

  77. Lauren says

    Host a do-it-yourself party spread! People love to make their own ice cream sundaes, burritos, bowls of pasta or pizza. You don’t have to worry about people’s picky tastes or personal preferences and everyone gets what they want!

  78. says

    My best tip is to use tried and true recipes. Although I am always tempted to try something new, people often love the classics. I will use mostly recipes I have made before with a few new dishes. That way is something goes horribly awry, there is no need to panic.

  79. says

    My favorite party tip is to make sure that you’ve bought everything you need ahead of time. If you procrastinate it makes everything so much more stressful when you’re setting up, and it just doesn’t turn out as well as if you had planned early and gotten everything ready beforehand. It’s great to have some fun decorations as well to add to the tables and hang around the walls and ceiling.

  80. shirley says

    Like many of the posts, I believe in prep work – doing as much as I can ahead of time so I can enjoy the event also. I also like to keep a menu and time-line list on the fridge — as I’ve been known to forget about something tucked away and find it AFTER the event! Whatever one does .. enjoy

  81. sarah says

    DIY desserts: anything that’s fun and people can have a hand in putting together, for instance: sundaes, frost-it-yourself, banana splits, etc.

  82. Anne says

    Like you mentioned, I am always sure to bake ahead of time and freeze my cakes! I’m not left to get everything baked in a bind AND I’ve found that cakes frozen when hot stay moist. 🙂

  83. beth says

    For kids parties I spread out a huge sheet of craft paper and cups filled with crayons for guests to use when they arrive. I ask them to draw something having to do with the theme of the party. It’s a nice ice breaker and keeps everyone busy while waiting for all of the guests to arrive. It also makes for a colorful party decoration.

  84. Andrea D. says

    Keep it easy and simple. Do not do too many food items; just keep it simple and it will be better. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  85. lisa says

    Let the kids get involved! Let them help make things like food and decorations. Keep it simple but let their imaginations soar!

  86. Susan C says

    My group of friends makes every party a potluck so no one person has to do a ton of work and we are all able to talk and laugh and enjoy each others company.