Bring Back Breakfast This Weekend with Hungry Jack Giveaway

Mornings can be a little hectic during the work and school week, so I appreciate a leisurely weekend breakfast more than ever. In fact, I am so enthusiastic about weekend breakfasts that I’ve joined Hungry Jack’s “Bring Back Breakfast This Weekend” campaign and am giving away samples of new pancake and waffle mix flavors plus an awesome Belgian waffle maker!

Hungry Jack Giveaway

But first, let’s just compare and contrast. This is what our weekday breakfast typically looks like.

Weekday Breakfast

And this is weekend breakfast! Is it like this at your house?

Weekend Breakfast

If so, carry on! If not, here are some tips to help you bring back breakfast this weekend.

1. Don’t knock yourself out trying to bake breakfast breads from scratch. Cinnamon rolls are awesome, but who wants to wake up at 4:00 AM on the weekend? This is why pancakes and waffles are considered breakfast food.

2. Serve dessert for breakfast! You obviously wouldn’t do this every day, but it might tempt the late sleepers to wake up a little earlier on weekends. Speaking of which, did you know you can use pancake mix to make Cinnamon Raisin Bar Cookies? I’m going to try these this week and will report back.

3. And here’s another fun item I just invented. Well, sort of. I looked it up after I invented it and apparently lots of people are already doing it. You can put Hungry Jack Cinnamon Spice Pancake Mix in a cake ball pop maker and make breakfast pancake pops. I haven’t tried freezing them, but if they freeze as well as pancakes, you could freeze them, thaw them in the microwave and serve them as pancakes on the go during the week.

Pancake Balls

But I’m not giving away a cake ball maker. I’m giving away a gorgeous Belgian waffle maker to help make your weekend breakfasts PERFECT. For a chance at winning the giveaway, just leave me a comment describing both your weekday breakfast and your weekend breakfast. I will pick one giveaway winner by Saturday, October 27, so make sure to get your comments in by October 26 at midnight. Also, join me in “liking” Hungry Jack’s Facebook page where you can communicate with some of the team members, see product updates and keep track of any new promotions.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hungry Jack, but the opinions expressed are my own. And yes, you really can make excellent pancake balls with pancake mix.

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  1. Stacy says

    My weekday breakfast usually consists of whatever I can find and eat at my desk. I would much rather sleep a few more minutes than eat breakfast. My weekend breakfast usually consists of a donut or I skip breakfast and go right to an early lunch.

  2. CindyD says

    My breakfast is usually Cheerios, banana and skim milk seven days a week. Once a month or so my husband makes pancakes. When our daughter is home we’ll have sweet rolls.

  3. Kristen says

    Weekdays are easy: overnight oats, microwave flax cakes, smoothies
    Weekends I like to do something special, like pancakes with all the fun sides, or some sort of casserole.

  4. Sara says

    On weekdays, I almost always grab a yogurt to eat in the car. On weekends, I love french toast! I sometimes make pancakes and waffles and muffins, but french toast is my fave.

  5. Darlene says

    Ever since my oldest son told me this was the first dish to go when served in the college cafeteria, I really love to make a 13 x 9-inch pan of Baked Oatmeal, so that individual portions can be reheated in the microwave throughout the week. All types of fruit can be incorporated – such as chopped apples, peaches, raisins, etc. I’ve even made a version of it in my Crock Pot. My family also enjoys toasted English muffins with Canadian bacon, eggs, cheese, and avocados.

  6. Meredith says

    Wednesdays and Saturdays are egg days in our house; other days during the week are cereal and yogurt days. Sundays, it’s dessert for breakfast: homemade strawberry shortcake!!

  7. Jessie C. says

    We usually have cereal or oatmeal with berries for our weekday breakfast and pancakes/waffles for weekend breakfast.

  8. Valerie Suhanosky says

    I try to make a healthy breakfast almost everyday, some mornings just don’t fall into the healthy side when there is a store bought coffeecake on the counter! But other days it’s cereal, fruit toast and eggs or a fritatta with some veggies.

  9. Lisa says

    My perfect weekday breakfast (if calories didn’t matter) would be a donut and coffee on the go! On the weekends – I’d love french toast or waffles with peanut butter & syrup

  10. kc says

    Weekdays I eat whatever is convenient, like oatmeal or breakfast taco. Weekends are for more fun, fulfilling and luxurious eats like pancakes or omelets.

  11. karen w says

    Weekdays are fruit, juice, and either a whole grain muffin or oatmeal/cereal. Weekends anything is fair game…pancakes, waffles, eggs and French toast make the most frequent appearances.

  12. Martha in KS says

    Kohls has cake ball makers for $10 – I bought two for my nieces.

    Weekday breakfasts are something I can take to work – cereal with fruit, or ham & cheese in English muffins. On weekends I like to make french toast or pancakes with sausage or bacon.

  13. shirley says

    Weekdays I usualy ‘nuke’ oatmeal (I make enough in the crock pot to last both Alex and I for a week to 10 days -I use steel cut oats, old fashioned oats, flax meal, and non fat dry milk) – nuke adding milk, banana slices, blueberries and walnuts.

    On Sunday Alex often makes omlets (I gave him an omelet pan almost 20 years ago … and is still HIS!) – granted I have to fix the toast, bacon, or whatever. Occasionally he’ll stop for bagels on his way home from early mass.

  14. Ashley says

    During the week I typically prep my breakfasts the night before. I usually have oatmeal or yogurt. During the weekends I have pancakes, waffles or eggs.

  15. says

    Weekday and Saturday breakfasts usually consist of a breakfast drink, and Sundays my husband is in charge so it’s either the deli or Dunkin! We do pancakes for dinner a lot though! 🙂

  16. Maureen says

    the weekday I alternate between cereal (cold) and Greek yogurt with fruit and I also usually have a glass of OJ or some other fruit juice.
    Weekend I have a hot beverage (in the colder months) and either hot cereal or pancakes or waffles or even eggs. Plus I have the afore mentioned juice and or fruit.

  17. Shannon says

    I have what everyone thinks is a boring weekday breakfast: Oatmeal. But I love it! I really need to mix it up a little though, so I’m trying to go with hard-boiled eggs and toast a few days a week. If I really want to indulge for breakfast, Belgian waffles are my favorite!! (With REAL maple syrup, of course)

  18. Danae says

    On the weekdays I like to make overnight refrigerator oatmeal, but on weekends I like to indulge. I’ll usually make cornmeal pancakes with pumpkin butter or cinnamon rolls that I’ve raised the night before. I would love to make Belgian waffles, but my waffle maker is terrible.

  19. Jacqui says

    My weekday breakfast is usually something I just grab running out the door! No real thought put into it. However, on the weekends I actually have time and cook myself something delicious whether it be pancakes, eggs, etc.

  20. cori says

    My weekday breakfast is usually a wrap with PB, alone, before running out the door. Weekend, (or any day off) is always a huge bowl of oatmeal with nuts, seeds, peanut butter, coconut etc. all in it. So good.

  21. Mary says

    Weekday breakfast is always something quick, less than 10 min to make AND eat: chocolate Cheerios with skim milk, a toasted ‘bagel flat’ spread with Biscoff or jam, or occasionally one of the Quaker Oats brand microwaveable cups of oatmeal & fruit.

    Usually don’t have weekend breakfasts, but I have a 3-day weekend every other week and on one of those 3 days we’ll have a nice breakfast — I prefer French toast or waffles, he prefers eggs or pancakes.

  22. Meg says

    Weekdays always involves several cups of coffee and then either bananas and ob or greek yogurt mixed with oatmeal.

    Weekends: fresh fruit an pancakes or baked goods (like banana bread)!!!

  23. Melissa says

    Weekday – english muffin toasted & topped with jelly or nut butter or yogurt & granola
    Weekend – pancakes, waffles, or crepes topped with fruit, nutella or jelly

  24. Judy says

    Week days are a ‘grab and go’ type breakfast. Usually a fiber bar and yogurt. Weekends are fabulous! A leisurely breakfast of flavored coffee, bacon/sausage, fresh fruit, eggs with toast or a sweet roll. Heaven!

  25. Josie says

    Those pics are fabulous! That’s totally what we’re like too. But messier. Older daughter has just discovered waffles and is in love. I’ve promised her a waffle maker, and love your fab tips!

  26. Carole Resnick says

    During the week breakfast is usually juice, coffee and toast. On Sundays I often do juice, pancakes or waffles with syrup, hashed brown potatoes and, of course, coffee.

  27. Eric says

    Sadly most days its just coffee for breakfast, favorite weekend breakfast is Morningstar sausage on a toasted english muffin, love waffles for dinner that happens quite often

  28. Kim says

    Our weekday breakfast typically is grab and go style. We try really hard to have a big weekend breakfast at least once a month. One of our favorites would be cinnamon raisin cookie pancakes. However, since we do love breakfast, we sometimes like to have breakfast for dinner. We like to have waffles with bacon in them or on the side.

  29. Katie M says

    On the weekdays, I generally eat a blend of cereals (with milk), usually a combination of healthy/less-healthy and textures (like Fiber One and Frosted Cheerios). On weekends, I still love the cereal/milk combo, but I’ll spice it up and add fresh or frozen berries, and possibly I’ll have an egg on the side. Pancakes are enjoyed occasionally!

  30. says

    My weekday breakfast is generally cereal and an apple. On the weekend…anything goes! French toast, eggs, pancakes, hash browns…delicious!

  31. Jason says

    On weekdays, I like to have cereal and toast, usually something quick! On the weekends, I like to go all out with some eggs, oatmeal and fruit

  32. ladywild says

    Weekday: whatever I can cram down my throat fast. Cereal. Yogurt. Granola bar. I don’t care.

    Weekend: Blueberry banana pancakes!

  33. neonmoon10 says

    Weekdays, I usually eat a scrambled egg, toast, and a piece of fruit.
    Weekends are my favorite. Cinnamon rolls aren’t out of the question. Usually its an omelette!

  34. says

    Our weekdays usually is fast food. On the weekends I try to fix a better breakfast of bacon, eggs or pancakes. I would love a Belgian waffle maker. I love belgian waffles but don’t get them very often.

  35. Jennifer J-W says

    My weekday breakfasts are mainly at work, so they consist of what I can reasonably eat at a desk. Usually lots of green tea, plus yogurt or oatmeal, a fruit or veggie and a handful of almonds. On the weekends, it depends on the day. On Saturdays, I often end up eating on the run, which means more nuts and a piece of fruit and maybe picking up an iced coffee. Sundays, I like to make a big breakfast, and will often do an omelet with whatever leftovers/vegetables I have on hand, or I’ll make pancakes and bacon. Mm… now I wish I had some pancakes and bacon right now, instead of this frozen low-cal microwaved meal!

  36. Juli says

    nothing and nothing – i love breakfast foods, but eat them for lunch or dinner. i never eat breakfast.

  37. JennieM says

    School days are english muffins, cereal or toaster strudel (I know, I know). The weekends are always a production, omletes, egg bake, pancakes, waffles or fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

  38. Polly says

    On weekdays, I usually have yogurt or something quick, but try to stay healthy. On Saturday, My husband and I go out for breakfast to a little place around the corner.

  39. Andrea D. says

    Weekday breakfasts consist of bagels, cereal or frozen pancakes. Weekend breakfasts consist of the same thing except a once and while treat of making eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and toast. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  40. says

    I make steel cut oats in the crockpot on Sunday evening which we eat weekdays with apples, raisins, nuts, whatever…

    On weekends I might make sausage & eggs or an omelette or something – or better yet, brunch at a restaurant.

    Yey, we like our breakfasts… :+)

  41. Shelly says

    My weekday breakfast has been oatmeal lately, but on the weekend I like to make Belgian waffles or French toast.

  42. Laura says

    Weekdays: yogurt and cereal. Weekends: something decadent, like biscuits, bacon, an omelet, pancakes, french toast…

  43. Amy M says

    My kids eat breakfast at school on weekdays & my husband grabs a pb&j on his way out the door. I usually eat an English muffin w/ peanut butter or some cereal and toast. On weekends I love to make a breakfast bake (egg/cheese/turkey sausage) or some pancakes and occasionally I make waffles. Oh, and my kids LOVE the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls too!

  44. Kelli says

    My weekday & weekend breakfasts are usually the same: a mix of several cereals. For a treat, sometimes I have pancakes – I LOVE pancakes.

  45. Nancy Shields says

    I am a triathlete, so I eat a fairly large breakfast. Pre-workout, I’ll eat a small protein bar. Post-workout, I’ll eat egg beaters with a real egg, spinach, turkey sausage, mushrooms and oatmeal. On the weekends, I love to make higher fiber muffins (usually blueberry or apple cinnamon), eggs and turkey bacon. And there’s always coffee in there somewhere! 🙂

  46. Elisabeth says

    My weekday breakfast consists of oatmeal with a banana and on the weekends it’s usually more of a lunch than breakfast!

  47. Kim says

    Weekdays are oatmeal or cold cereal depending on time of year; weekends are usually scrambled eggs with cheese or waffles.

  48. Carolyn G says

    Weekdays, it’s cereal. Weekends is eggs, bacon and hashbrowns for Saturday. Sunday, it’s pancakes, waffles.

  49. Erin M. says

    I usually grab homemade protein muffins/bars on my way to work on weekdays and then have cereal and yogurt on the weekends.

  50. Janice E says

    Weekday breakfast is typically cereal, low-fat milk and fresh fruit before running out the door! Weekend is more relaxed — baked oatmeal, whole-wheat toast and eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit, etc. Would love to add waffles!!

  51. sarah says

    My weekday breakfast is normally either a Kind bar or some packaged instant oatmeal. On the weekends I like to make pancakes (apple, blueberry, etc) or different kinds of omlettes with veggies from my garden!

  52. Marcia Goss says

    On weekdays, I usually have yogurt and a banana, maybe some toast. On the weekends, my husband makes breakfast burritos, with eggs, sausage, cheese, pepppers, onions.

  53. Robyn says

    Our weekday breakfasts are generally quick: cereal and fruit, oatmeal and fruit, quick scrambled eggs. . . and fruit. You get the picture. Saturday breakfast is often breakfast tacos from our favorite local taco joint, but Sundays we have a leisurely home-cooked meal that can include pancakes, waffles, omelettes, migas, or whatever else we’re in the mood for. I love Sunday breakfast!

  54. Crystal says

    My weekday breakfast is always the same, one egg over easy on wheat toast. Every weekend I make an oven pancake and sausage for atleast on of the days. It’s my daughters favorite.

  55. David says

    I eat cereal every morning, weekend or weekday. The kids mix it up a bit more. The usually eat cereal on the weekends and pancakes or something similar during the week.

  56. Terri B says

    We usually have cereal, oatmeal or bagels during the week. On the weekend we like to have omelets or pancakes.

  57. Lisa N says

    My typically weekday breakfast is non-existant – I skip even though I know I shouldn’t. On the weekends I just love donuts & freshly brewed coffee!

  58. says

    I am an egg person during the week, my husband is a cereal eater during the week. On the weekends we indulge in pancakes, waffles, or muffins. Things like ebelskiver, rolls, or homemade English muffins, are for when we have visitors.