Austin Cookie Takedown!

My oven is still broken, and the oven hospital has determined there is nothing wrong with the control board.  No, my oven wasn’t faking it just to escape.  They are saying it’s probably a sensor and tossing it back to the appliance repair shop who are now in the process of ordering the sensor. Sigh.  Another day, another toaster dinner. Or maybe we’ll just have soup.  Either way, I’m out an oven so I might as well just share some interesting events.  Well, one event.  It’s called the Austin Cookie Takedown hosted by Matt Timms on December 15 from 2 to 4 PM at Shangri-La. This one’s geared for folks in the Austin area, but if you are really dedicated you could fly into town.  Maybe you need an excuse to visit us here in Austin? Come enjoy the balmy, suddenly-not-very-fallish-anymore weather.


Cookie Takedown

Matt (whom I haven’t met yet) says “Enter your finest batch of your yummiest cookies this holiday season!!!! You and a partner are in FREE! ANY Cookie welcome! (just make sure it was baked in an oven – no “bark” – people consider that not a cookie…)”

Matt must not know about Brownie Bark, Snickerdoodle Bark, Monster Bark or Butterscotch Bark, so I challenge someone out there to enter a bark. Just bake it in the oven. Don’t enter something like the Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark I just posted because it’s obvious that no-bake items are FROWNED UPON at the takedown.

If you’d like to enter, email Matt at [email protected] He goes on to add that “You and a friend are in FREE to compete for crazy cookware prizes from Wusthof, Anolon, Microplane, Cuisinart and Waring! Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of gear at stake!!! Also, tons of booze, cookies and laughing!”

If you just want to go and not deal with the stress of (ugh!) having to bake, you can just buy a ticket for $15 and be an attendee.




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  1. Karen Schmidt-Dill says

    You must be having a severe case of baking withdrawal by now! Counting down the days till Thanksgiving when you NEED that oven!
    The cookie take-down sounds like fun. Does this turn into a fundraiser for something?

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