Eagle Brand Stand Mixer Giveaway — Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream

Eagle Brand has created a new Eagle Brand Bakes Pinterest board, and to help spread the news, they’ve asked me to make two recipes, pin them and give away a stand mixer! It’s days like this when I just love coming to work ;).

Eagle Brand

So first, here are the two excellent recipes I chose to make and review:

First up is Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream, and I am not exaggerating when I say this might be Eagle Brand’s best “no-ice-cream-make-required” recipe. It has just the right amount of pumpkin, a hint of spices and bits of cookie scattered throughout. Just remember to let it sit out for a few minutes to soften before serving. For the gingersnaps, I used the crispy type rather than the really crunchy type, but I suppose any gingersnaps will work.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream

The second recipe worth pinning is Fudge-Filled Holiday Peanut Butter Bars. One of my favorite holiday memories is baking these bars for my high school teachers, but as I read through the recipe I noticed Eagle Brand updated the recipe quite a bit by incorporating sugar cookie mix and a hint of almond extract.  This version is even better than the original and would be a hit at a Christmas cookie exchange — just remember to throw on the sprinkles!

Eagle Brand Peanut Butter Fudge Bar

And now for the giveaway. Eagle Brand would like to give one USA based reader the following:

• Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk – Regular, Low Fat and Fat Free varieties
• A KitchenAid® 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

I know you’ll find lots of uses for the condensed milk, and the mixer’s not to shabby, either! I love the sleek, stainless color and am impressed with its ability to knead dough.

To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite baking memory. I will pick one comment at random on the morning of December 2 around 8 AM CST. To be safe, try to get your comment in by midnight the night before.

Disclosure: I received a matching set of items for review.

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  1. Whitney says

    When I was younger my cousins would come over before Christmas and we would bake and decorate cookies together!

  2. Sharon Temple says

    When I was young, my neigbor & I alway bet on the Whitesox & Yankee game. If I lost I had to bake sand tarts for him. I rembember all the powdered sugar that would fly as I covered those warm cresent cookies. My whitesox usually lost!

  3. says

    Hi Anna,
    My favorite baking memory is when my mom said she could always tell it was me who snuck a little bit more, because I always left the edges straight:)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Mary M says

    The weekend before Christmas, my daughter and I do a cookie baking marathon-
    chocolate chip, ginger crinkles, chocolate crinkles, peanut butter, and cream cheese sugar cookies. Some years we add a sixth “surprise” cookie. We’ve been doing it ever since she could reach the counter. We give boxes of cookies away to family & friends.

  5. Caroline says

    My mom and I would make sugar cookies from my Grandma’s recipe every Christmas when I was little!

  6. carolyn~ says

    Baking cookies with my mom. It was my first introduction to Russion Tea Cakes…which I know goes by many different names. I still love those powdered sugared cookies!

  7. Vera says

    Decorating cut out cookies with my brother and sisters!! We would sit in the nook in the kitchen and my mom would bring us tray after tray to decorate!!!!

  8. tiffany says

    My favorite baking memory is baking with my grandmother for the holidays. We would make all sorts of cookies and decorate them together.

  9. says

    Hard to come up with just ONE favorite baking memory because I have so many. My birthday and my Mom’s birthday are just two days (and 30 years) apart. For years, when I was young, she would make whatever cake I desired. But when I got older, we always shared a cake and that will always be a special memory for me. When I turned 20, my mom turned 50. We decorated a chocolate layer cake and we drew a “zero” in frosting on the top of the cake in the center. We put a “2” on one side of the zero, spun the cake 180 degrees, and put a “5” on the other side of the zero, with both numbers sharing the “zero” in the center. We actually went so far as to lay on the floor, looking up toward the ceiling, with the cake in between our faces and my dad stood on a chair above us and took a photo of our faces and our cake! Silly, but a terriffic memory.

  10. CindyD says

    Slipping and sliding when driving thru snow to go to a friend’s for our annual Christmas cookie baking get together. I still make the cut out cookie recipe she shared every year!

  11. Cathy V-P says

    I loved baking Greek cookies with my Mom! She would bake like 12 dozen at a time and I remember rolling them into shapes with her.

  12. says

    Love those snowflake sprinkles! I gotta find some of those. My favorite baking memory is trying to help my dad mix up a huge bowl of cookie dough when I was little, and being amazed at how difficult it was for my little kid arms.

  13. Stephanie-Oh says

    My favorite baking memory is helping my grandmother,who was blind, bake Christmas cookies. She was amazing! She could throw together the doughes without a recipe to follow and she knew when one of us kids were pinching off bits of dough to snack on!

  14. Sherry says

    I have many favorites since I started young but one of them is backing with my grandma Susie. She’s led a life full of family but not much money. She apparently didn’t own a rubber spatula but with a mixing spoon was able to get every morsel of cake batter out of her bowl and into the pans—it amazed me every time. Plus she made the absolutely BEST jellyroll cake ever!

  15. Nancy Wilcox says

    My favorite baking memory is getting together with my sister and all of our kids to make and decorate sugar cookies. Everyone wears an apron and after 20 years some of those aprons look so funny on the now grown-up kids!

  16. Jacqui says

    My favorite baking memory is how my mom, sister and myself bake Christmas cookies together every year! We listen to Christmas music, decorate, and have a ton of fun together.

  17. Jason says

    Every year in the beginning of December, it is in 2 weekends actually, I participated in this thing called Cookie bake. It is a large group of people at my friends parents house making every type of holiday baked good under the sun. I learn so many new techniques every year and I get to try lots of rocking cookies!

  18. stephen says

    My favorite memory is frosting all the cookies each year after making them. We all see who can make the outrageous designs.

  19. Beth Gallagher says

    Every year, about two wks before Chistmas, my mom, sister and I get together for Cookie Day. We make and plate at least 15 kinds of cookies and fudge to deliver to friends, neighbors and service people. It sure kicks off the season with some sugary love!

  20. Jennie says

    I have wonderful memories of helping both my grandma and my mom bake cookies. That was back before we were all afraid to eat raw batter, so that was the best part of “helping.” My grandma’s oatmeal cookie dough was AMAZING! I can almost smell it now, just thinking of it, 25 years later! 🙂

  21. Polly says

    At each of the holidays from the time that my children could sit on the kitchen counter beside me, we would make sugar cookie cutouts. By the time we were through, they had more flour and cookie dough on them than was left in the bowl We did have a good time, me decorating and trying to keep the cookie dough on the pan and not in their mouths!

  22. christy says

    My favorite holiday memories are of baking sugar cookies with my daughter and my 2 grand sons being the master sprinklers. Nothing better!!!!

  23. Karin Muserallo says

    Recently I was visiting my son. While getting ready to cook dinner, my granddaughter ( 18 months old ) came into the kitchen. I was making cornbread and I showed her how to stir the mix. So sweet! Stir! Stir! Over and over! I hope it’s the beginning of many more baking times together! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the giveaway! I absolutely LOVE sweetened condensed milk. I always use the original kind! To heck with the calories! : )

  24. says

    I loved to watch my Grandmother make frosting in her mixer. It was always exciting to see if she could get the frosting whipped before it could climb all the way up the beaters to the head of the mixer!

  25. Nora B says

    My mom, sister and I used to always make a special coffeecake on Christmas eve — to eat Christmas morning. Anticipation to eat the coffee cake was always on par with anticipation to see what Santa brought!

  26. Elizabeth Edmondson says

    My favorite time is baking and decorating cookie houses at Christmas with my children. Tradition that followed up until they got married. Now they bake cookies with their children.

  27. Marci says

    My favorite baking memory is with my mom before the Christmas holiday. We’d bake and then decorate the tree. Then we’d sit by tree watching the pretty lights eating our wonderful treats together. I miss those special times!

  28. Heather B says

    My favorite baking memory would definitely be learning to bake and cook with my Grams. She taught me everything I know and now I am passing it on to my children.

  29. Mary Lynn says

    Watching my Dad make “press cookies” for Christmas. He used the one you had to turn by hand, not the electric ones we have now, and each cookie was perfect. Mom and I would decorate with the sprinkles.

  30. Beth L says

    My favorite holiday baking memory is “helping” my grandma make all the holiday candy and cookies to share with family and friends. I miss her.

  31. Dee says

    My family has baked together (and separately) a lot throughout the years, but what I miss the most is the fresh Filipino sweet breads my mom used to bake almost everyday when my brothers and I were growing up. Since going back to work 20+ years ago, Mom doesn’t have time to make all that bread, though she still bakes just about anything else. Luckily, she lives near a wonderful Filipino bakery that makes pan de sal ALMOST as good as hers 🙂

  32. says

    My favorite baking memory was with my mom when I was 5 years old, baking a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake for my dad’s surprise party. That’s my dad’s favorite type of cake, and it was my very first time in the kitchen to participate in the baking process.

  33. Kristen says

    Baking snickerdoodles with my mom when I was a little girl and then tasting the dough only to realize we had forgotten the sugar! We were so busy talking that we missed a whole step in the process.

  34. says

    My favorite and most amusing baking memory was when I decided to make up my own recipe for chocolate chip cookies at age 7. The cookie batter was so runny that I ended up putting it into a loaf pan and baking it until it looked cooked, and by cooked I mean totally raw. My parents were wary about letting me into the kitchen unsupervised after that.

  35. Megan says

    Baking pies at Thanksgiving with my grandmother, who passed last fall – I learned so much watching her make them just by experience!

  36. Andrea D. says

    My favorite memory is decorating Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles with my whole family as a kid. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  37. Jennifer J-W says

    My favorite childhood memory of baking is baking cookies (usually chocolate crinkles or the stained glass sugar cookies) from that red “cooky book” cookbook, with my mom and sisters.

  38. Cindi says

    My favorite baking memory is making and decorating gingerbread cookies dressed as gymnasts for my college gymnastics team. 🙂

  39. Alexis K. says

    My favorite baking memory is making and decorating spritz cookies with my grandma at christmas time.

  40. Rosy says

    A favorite childhood memory was when my mom made pies and she would roll out the leftover pie dough, (sometimes I helped rolling) and let me sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon before baking. It tasted so good fresh from the oven! My mom died at the age of 42 when I was 22, had just had my first child, so we have fewer memories than some folks.

  41. debby says

    My favorite memory would be teaching my sons to bake brownies. Now they are grown and living on their own and they are baking brownies for themselves.

  42. Erin says

    My favorite baking memory has come not to long ago. It is baking and decorating cookies with my 3 year old son.

  43. Sarah says

    I started baking when I was about 10 — I LOVED making the chocolate-chip cookies from the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls. At 38 I still make them sometimes, even though there are tastier recipes out there.

  44. Talina says

    I love eagle brand! I used some the other day to make Chocolate Sauce!
    My favorite memory is helping my Grammie make ‘Thumbprint’ Cookies
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  45. Shannon says

    The first time my firstborn every had chocolate was with a chocolate cookie right out of the oven. Whoo it was love at first bite!

  46. elissa feldman says

    My best baking memories are of my grandmother making yeast dough for holiday meals. She would make many batchs of dough, and I would help her find warm places for the dough to rise.

  47. Megan Bratberg says

    My favorite baking memory is making cut-out cookies with my mom with the old wooden-handled cookie cutters…& our red icing was always closer to pink!

  48. Debbie Hayes says

    I’m going to be a little different & say I’m most looking forward to the memories I PLAN to make with my 3 little Granddaughters this Christmas. The oldest is just 3, then a 2 yr old, then a 21 mo old. So this year I’m ready to make gingerbread houses with them & let them put M&M’s on the cookies, and sprinkle coconut on the cupcakes! Can’t wait!

  49. shirley says

    Always enjoyed making decorated cut out sugar cookies with my kids … and other kids! We’d invite several young friends over at a time .. and I’d have baked the cookies … and had all the frostings, decors, etc… ready! It was so much fun to watch them … all so different in their ways ,,,,and colors. We’ve moved back to the area where we lived when my kids were in the 5 – 8 year age … and, surprisingly, I’ve run into a few of their young friends (now grown) … and when they realize who I am … the

  50. April says

    My favorite baking moment is when I was a little girl about 20 years ago I would have been 8-9 years old, my my sister and I was at my grandparents for the weekend because every weekend we spent the night with our grandparents. My grandma taught me to make one of her best cake recipes it was lemon butter cake with a lemony drizzle it was baked in a bundt cake pan. I was so happy to have helped it with that cake. Now that my grandma is much older and has not been in the kitchen much these days I always make the lemon cake for my grandparents and we sit and reminisce about the old days when we were younger. 🙂

  51. Jan R says

    I remember helping my son when he was first learning how to “cook”. He was 6. He is now 36 and still loves to cook and bake. He decorates a “mean” cake. I’m sure he will teach his daughter; she’s 2. Can’t wait!

  52. says

    Wow great giveaway! I loved making rugelach cookies with my Grandma. We would roll out the dough together, fill and roll them, and they wait for them to bake. I still make them, but now I have to do the cleaning by myself!

  53. Dorothea says

    I can still remember the first time my mom let me bake my first batch of cookies – they were Snickerdoodles (I liked the sound of the name!) – and they were a hit with all of my brothers and sisters! I’m still the baker in my family.

  54. Veronica says

    Playing Christmas music with the tree all lit up while baking cookies for my sister’s annual cookie exchange party!

  55. Emilia H. says

    Every year that my sisters and I are able to be together for Christmas (one lives far away, so she can not make it every year) we pick an insane amount of goodies to make and try to get through them all during the holidays.

  56. Cheryl says

    I love the 7 layer Magic cookies which I make with the Sweeten Condensed Milk, also so addicting to eat, can’t stop!

  57. Maria Dugan says

    My favorite Christmas baking memory is my mom making pizzelles. Every Christmas season my mother would make a huge batch of pizzelle batter, dig out the pizzelle iron and get out this old alarm clock. She would crank up Frank Sinatra’s Christmas albums (and sometimes Bing Crosby) pour herself a strong whiskey and water and get down to making pizzelles. I don’t know if anyone in my family actually liked them, but we all had a million different rules on how they MUST be prepared. They had to have anise seeds and extract in them. They had to be thin enough that when they were held to the light they could be seen through. They could not be brown in any way, shape or form. They had to look exactly like the design on the iron. My mom had it down to a science. She would spend the night singing, drinking and working that iron, timing every 2 pizzelles to the 45 second mark. I was then the weird kid who never had real Christmas cookies to give out, instead all my teachers got pizzelles. When the kids came over after sledding – we had pizzelles. I hated them, still do, but my mom isn’t around anymore so my honey and I continue the tradition of pizzelle making (minus the whiskey) and my brothers continue the tradition of giving me a hard time about how they aren’t thin enough, or light enough.

  58. maureen says

    I have a memory that involves my siblings and I coming home after late Christmas Eve mass and baking a batch of Chocolate Chop cookies so that Santa would have warm cookies or just made cookies when he came to our house. We usually made a double batch so that he could take some for the road and then some for us the next day.

  59. Juli says

    i was in 4-H as a child and my Mom was the cooking leader. for some reason, the week we made apple crisp has remained in my memory for over 40 years. i don’t remember specifics, i just remember really enjoying that recipe and the time spent with my Mom and my friends.

  60. Beth says

    I love to make rolled sugar cookies with the kids around the holidays, and let them go nuts decorating them.

  61. says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance! My fav. baking memory is helping my mom prepare Thanksgiving food for all the extended family when she was still alive.

  62. Suzie says

    My siblings and I always painted sugar cookies at Christmas. We would hang them from a wooden “cookie tree” that my father made. Whenever friends would stop by they would pick a cookie from the tree.

  63. Cookies4kids says

    My favorite memory as a child, was going into the living room and finding the doll under the tree that I never thought I would get. My mother had sewn a whole wardrobe for her that made it extra special.

  64. says

    My favorite memory was when I was really young and first started baking with my mom. We were making sugar cookies for christmas and decorating them to give away. To this day that is still one of my favorite memories and is one of the reasons why I am now in culinary school.

  65. Kristen says

    Trying to make sugar cookie cutouts with my daughter for many years, only to wind up resorting to rolling the dough into balls and squishing them. It’s almost become a tradition to have cut-outs that look nothing like their intended shape 🙂

  66. karen w says

    My favorite baking moment was when my kids were toddlers helping me make breakfast. All three of them were lined up on chairs across the kitchen island from me wearing orange Home Depot aprons taking turns with measuring and pouring jobs. My husband was snapping pictures from all angles. It was not until those pictures were developed that I realized my youngest was wearing nothing but that orange apron!!!

  67. pitpat says

    Making Christmas cut-out cookies with my mom and siblings. Now we still make cookies with my mom a

  68. Marsha M. SOCAL says

    Every year my mother would make the dough for cutout cookies and let my sister and me cut them out. She had a lot of different cookie cutters, but I always liked the star and the christmas tree shaped ones.

  69. says

    I love making cookies for Santa with my daughter every year! Not just cookies though- we make a tray with a bunch of goodies, cookies, candies, brownies… 🙂

  70. Leni Dean says

    My favorite baking memory in recent years is making and decorating sugar cookies with my son for each different holiday.

  71. Donna G says

    I remember the Thanksgiving I decided to make a pumpkin roll – I had never attempted anything like it before. My nephew (who was studying to become a chef) was impressed (not that I did it for that reason), I learned something new, and it tasted fantastic!

  72. Martha in KS says

    One of my favorite cooking memories happened in Junior High. I learned so much in Mrs. Vaughn’s Foods Class in 9th grade. She taught me how to clean up as you go, making a meal colorful & how to tell something that is baking is finished using your sense of smell.

  73. Judy says

    My favorite memory would be baking with my granddaughter when she was around 5 years old. She is now 21 years old and loves to bake. She can make a mean cheesecake.

  74. Laura Ambler says

    My favorite baking memory is the first time I ever baked cookies with my little girl — so much fun!

  75. Jan Harris says

    My mother made persimmon pudding and I have her recipe. Two years ago, I made it and it came out great. I’ll be making it again this wednesday.

  76. Nikki Whitacre says

    In our house, Eagle Brand on the counter, meant sweet treats and holidays were not far away. One holiday, my mom could not find her Eagle Brand condensed milk. She was certain she brought it home from the store. After searching, she decided to return to the store to buy more. Later in the week, she discovered her condensed milk in my “play kitchen”. When she tried to put it back in the kitchen, I cried because I could no longer make fudge. She let me keep the full cans for months.

  77. Neonmoon10 says

    Baking with my young grandson. We made cinnamon rolls last Christmas. Made a huge mess but we had fun

  78. Holly S. says

    My favorite baking memory is with my mom. She always encouraged me to be creative in the kitchen and so, when was 5 or 6, she let me come up with anything I wanted and she would cook it, so I came up with a saltine and cream cheese casserole (my 2 favs at the time!) I put down a layer of saltines and some globs of cream cheese and my mom baked it for me. It was not half bad!

  79. says

    One of my favorite memories is baking cookies with my mom & her sharing important kitchen tips with me! Including ‘clean as you cook’ and ‘break eggs into a separate bowl.’

  80. sara haaf says

    One of my earliest memories is scooping out peanut butter for cookies for my mom. I really like that memory too, I was really happy and excited for cookies.

  81. Sara says

    When I was a child, we used to make sugar cookies and paint on them with colored egg yolks. I loved that!

  82. says

    Making angel food cake with my mom. She rarely baked, so that’s maybe why I’m so fond of it? I remember licking the stiff peaks of egg white from the egg beaters of her hand mixer as a young girl and if I won this stand mixer I’d have to send it her way!

  83. Jon Wainright says

    My favorite baking memory was with my grandma. We accidentally used salt instead of sugar (grandma kept everything in canisters and I grabbed the wrong one). The cookies were disgusting so grandma whipped up a new batch that we could actually eat.

  84. says

    You had me with the picture of Eagle Brand. I am not ashamed to say that every recipe I make with that stuff ends up a good tablespoon or two shy of condensed milk, because I can’t help but eat it with a spoon! Yum!

    One of my favorite baking memories is actually a fairly recent one. Two years ago I decided to scale way back on the treat making at Christmas time. My kids were horrified, and instantly began pleading their cases for this cookie and that cookie. Together we came up with a good variety of cookies and had so much fun baking and eating together. You always wonder if all the effort is worth it, and apparently for my kids, Christmas is not Christmas without a spectacular assortment of cookies at the ready. Lesson learned.

  85. Jennifer says

    Shari and I baking a huge birthday confetti cake with what we were hoping was beautiful green and purple tie-dye frosting. We had a blast, even though it was so sweet it was barely edible!

  86. Mel says

    My favorite memory is making pancakes each Saturday morning with my daddy…. It was one of the few things he knew how to make, but he taught me!

  87. Karen Schmidt-Dill says

    My 3 siblings and I loved chocolate malts and we knew how to make them. When Grandma would come babysit us, we would talk her into letting us have some for a bedtime snack. We always had homemade chocolate syrup to pour in and Grandma wanted to know how much to put in. Our instructions to her were that she was to keep pouring until we said “when!” That was about 50 years ago, and my siblings and I still tell that story esp. if there are new family members around who haven’t been subjected to the “Tales of Our Youth.”

  88. Kathy G. says

    My favorite baking memory is when I made a Raggedy Ann cake for my daughter’s first birthday 37 years ago. Every birthday after that until my kids were teenagers, I made special decorated cakes for their birthdays. Now the tradition is starting again for my grandchildren.

  89. Melissa says

    My favorite baking memory/tradition is baking with my cousins, aunt and mom the week before Christmas!

  90. TxPepper says

    It’s not exactly a baking story as it involved candy but I came home from college one weekend and my mom kept ‘dancing’ around asking me a question. When she finally got up the nerve, she asked me if I would do her a HUGE favor by making some candy for her to enter into some sort of fair – she had committed to submitting some pralines.

    Of course, I couldn’t let her show up empty-handed so I drug out the cookbooks, found a recipe that looked ‘right’ and eventually proceeded to help my mom bring home a blue ribbon. Side note: This was before the internet and having access to recipes with star-ratings. 🙂

  91. Debra Lee says

    I remember baking Christmas ornaments from flour, water and salt. My brother came home when they were cooling and said they were the worst cookies he had ever eaten!

  92. Rhonda G says

    My fave memory would be when my grandmother and I made sugar cookies at Christmas, we did this every year and I looked forward to it each year.

  93. Patti L. says

    My favorite memory was seeing the cookie jar filled with an assortment of cookies every holiday!

  94. Dave L. says

    My favorite baking memory was seeing my daughter standing on a chair helping my mother bake cookies every year for the holidays!

  95. Ann Marie says

    Making peanut butter blossoms with my Mom and sister (and eagle brand!) will always be one of my best holiday baking memories.

  96. Carol says

    My favorite baking memory was of my mom making Executive Mansion Butter Cookies every Christmas, they were refrigerator rolled cookies that she covered with chocolate and multi-colored sprinkles. My family ate them all holiday season!

  97. Shannon says

    My favorite baking memory is of being a kid and making Christmas cookies with my mother. She made sugar cookie cut-outs every year, with sprinkles on top.

  98. Marie H says

    My favorite baking memory is baking cut out sugar cookies with my girl scout troop. We would reserve the junior high kitchen and go to town. We started when the girls were in 4th grade. That year they each took home a dozen funny looking cookies. By the time they were seniors in high school we made over 200 dozen cookies for the local shelter; and they got to take some home. There was sugar and flour everywhere; no matter the age. We had soooo much fun! It was a great tradition and I miss it!

  99. Rebecca says

    My favorite memory is standing on a chair next to the mixer with my mom and making zucchini bread.

  100. Polly says

    My favorite memory comes from just last year when my daughter couldn’t wait to come home for Christmas break and bake with me. It’s so fun to be in the kitchen with her!

  101. Kathy says

    For the past 25 years, my best friend and I have baked Christmas cookies together. It used to be simple because we lived in the same city. Now we live across the country from each other so we pick a baking day and spend about half that day on the phone with each other catching up, comparing recipes, and just having fun being together.

  102. says

    My favorite baking memory was when I discovered just how much I loved to bake at the age of 11 and then just to give my baked goodies away. I suppose they were good because no one complained and I know I have improved a lot over the years because I still love to bake and give goodies to family and friends all year round.

  103. gwen says

    My favorite baking memory is the time my friend and I decided to make a gingerbread house from scratch and we didn’t start until 9PM. We bought so much candy that at 3AM we finally had to call it b/c we could barely lift the piping bags we were so tired. We still like to reminisce about that almost 20 years later.

  104. says

    My favorite baking memory is frosting Christmas cookies with my kids and husband. All of us together expressing our individuality. Good times!

  105. Marsha M. SOCAL says

    I can hardly wait to start teaching my granddaughter, Cameron, how to bake. She loves helping in the kitchen.

  106. Donna says

    My mother’s birthday cake. My parents had gone to eat, I decided to
    make her a cake. My sisters kept jumping up and down. I told them
    to stop or my cake would fall. That memory goes back about 50 years

  107. karen says

    I would make a quadruple(!) batch of tollhouse cookies every year for my mom’s friend’s big holiday party!

  108. Amy M says

    My favorite baking memory is baking Magic Cookie Bars with my grandma. She would even dye the coconut green. Whenever I taste a Magic Cookie Bar I think of Grandma!

  109. Kelly C says

    I love going to Gramma’s to make all the goodies for the holidays tins we put together for my cousins and aunts and uncles. We’d spend the whole day making fudge, chex mix, Mexican wedding cakes, toffee, buckeyes, more fudge (my favorite), and peppermint bark. I’m starting a similar tradition with my nieces this year.

  110. says

    My favorite baking memory is baking Christmas cookies and treats with my sisters at my parents. This was after we all married and started having kids. I live at least 600 miles away from all of my sisters now and I miss this so much.

  111. Justin S says

    My mom would always let me decorate the Christmas cookies. In retrospect, I used way too much frosting, and they were pretty much inedible by the time I was done with them, but that was really nice of her to let me do that.

  112. Char says

    I don’t remember very much about my mother because she died when I was 13 years old, but I do remember she loved to bake cakes especially at Christmas. She would make a coconut cake from scratch, even to cracking open the coconut shell and grating the coconut meat.

  113. says

    Baking bread with my Nana. She baked it every Saturday for most of her long life. By hand in a large aluminum pot. She never had a stand mixer. I wish I could learn to make bread that tastes like hers did. But I have yet to master it.

  114. says

    The first memory that comes to mind is the first time I tried to bake cookies on my own. I found my own recipe, did everything myself, and when they were done, I took one to my grandmother to sample. Obviously I had done something terribly wrong because they were awful… but she just laughed and helped me start over. 🙂

  115. sarah says

    one of my earliest, and favorite baking memories is one of my grandmother. she taught me out to make tortillas, pastelitos and biscochos. whenever i make them to this day it reminds of her light and the grand times i had learning to cook with her.

  116. beth says

    It’s all about the Christmas cookies. One of my favorite memories has to be when a local cable channel came to our home and taped my family baking cookies for the town Christmas cookie contest. We didn’t win, but it didn’t matter. Such a special memory for all of us.


  117. Carol J. Boykin says

    I started a tradition of baking and decorating Christmas cookies when my children were very small. They would each get their own piece of cookie dough and a rolling pin. With 3 children it didn’t take long for the kitchen to be covered in multicolored sprinkles, icing, and upon occasion, pieces of sugary, sweet dough would fly through the air. There is no doubt things got a little crazy, but we always had the best time. Then there’s that time I call the lull – the children are grown, doing their own thing, baking doesn’t seem important to them anymore. Then suddenly grandchildren come along and I hear them tell their children that baking Christmas cookies is a tradition in our family as if it had never stopped. It warms my heart.

  118. Emily S H says

    My favorite baking memory would have to be making a pecan pie with my grandmother. She didn’t use recipes so my sister and I would watch her and try to write everything down!

  119. Connie says

    I loved going to the apple orchard with my mom and grandmother to pick out apples, then coming home and baking a pie. I started out with mixing up the cinnamon sugar mixture for the apples and gradually took over slicing apples and rolling out the crust as I got older. Still have the recipe I carefully wrote down as a child, complete with misspellings and little doodles that I use every year around the holidays to bake pies with my friends for our holiday parties.

  120. Martha in Georgia says

    I learned to bake at a relatively young age. My mother does not like sweets and she does not like to bake. I love sweets, especially cookies. My mother bought cookies from the grocery store, but I wanted the chewy goodness of a homemade Toll House cookie. I learned to bake while in middle school and have enjoyed baking ever since.

    PS – my trusy Kitchen Aid stand mixer recently took a tumble while mixing up a batch of ginger cookies and I’m afraid that it’s time for a new one. To win this giveaway would be fantastic!

  121. Kristen says

    I remember baking apple pie with my grandma…she was the best and her kitchen always smelled so good.

  122. Pat says

    The first Christmas after I moved away from home I decided to try and make cookies for my friends and neighbors. That was pretty ambitious since I had never really baked before. It’s now become my Christmas tradition.

  123. Annette says

    When I was quite young, my neighbor and I would pick wild blackberries and my mother would help us make pies. We did all the work while she supervised, teaching us how to knead and roll out dough. It was so much fun and we’d do this several times a week; she never tired of it.

  124. says

    My favorite memory was as a new, young, mom making chocolate chip cookies for Valentine’s Day and my baby was sitting in his high chair watching and banging with a wooden spoon.

  125. Carolyn says

    I always remember making cakes with my grandmother when I was little. She would make these delicious yellow cakes from scratch. Then she would buttercream frosting and add a little red food dye to make the frosting pink. We would eat the cake immediately after it was frosted.

  126. Holly S. says

    When I was 5 or 6, my mom let me come up with any recipe and she would help cook it. I came up with a Saltine and Cream Cheese casserole. She baked that sucker up and it wasn’t too bad!

  127. jan n says

    I will never forget the first time I decorated Cookies with my late grandmother…she taught me the love for baking.

  128. Katie M says

    I remember standing on a chair in our house in Maryland, “helping” my Mom bake chocolate chip cookies when I was about 5. She showed me how to crack eggs, how to sift flour and then level off a measuring cup, how to pack brown sugar into a cup, and then she let me lick the beaters. All of those lessons have stayed with me, and I even bought a flour sifter when I moved into my first apartment after college (which thoroughly amazed my Mom 🙂 )

  129. D SCHMIDT says

    My favorite memory is my Mother teaching me to bake gingerbread men, it was so much fun and such a nice bonding experience.

  130. Rachel DeHart says

    My favorite baking memories is making oatmeal cookies and brownies with my mom when I was little and me and my son making Christmas cookies the other day.

    tall_person13 at yahoo dot com

  131. says

    I still remember doing Christmas baking with my grandmother, grandfather, and aunt. They always showered so much love on me, and made me feel so safe. Even now, baking makes me feel safe.