TCBY’s New Silk Vanilla Almond

Fuzz and I like to hang out at the neighborhood TCBY, so we know what’s up.  And by “what’s up” I mean we’re on top of new flavors.  We’ve been enjoying the vegan, non-dairy Silk Chocolate Almond for months now, but it was recently brought to our attention that TCBY has a new flavor. It’s called Silk Vanilla Almond, and it is delicious.  Dare I say I like it a little more than the chocolate?

Frozen Yogurt

According to TCBY, there was a huge demand for a vegan yogurt, and now that they’ve introduced the new almond milk based flavors they are getting positive feedback from people who up until recently couldn’t partake in after school or after dinner trips to the yogurt store.  Considering how many people are lactose intolerant, have dairy allergies or on a plant based diet, this was a good move on TCBY’s part.

Anyhow, I thought several of you might be interested it in this since it was Cookie Madness readers who turned me on to almond milk!  I’m hooked, but this almond milk yogurt is even better.




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  1. Veronica says

    Great! Since, I’m vegetarian and don’t do well with lactose or soy I’m really excited about this! If the chocolate and vanilla do well maybe TCBY will start incorporating a variety of flavors. Thanks for sharing the tip!!

  2. says

    That sounds so good! I use vanilla almond milk all the time. No TCBY near me though. Maybe you need to develop a recipe for us! 🙂

  3. says

    I have switched to using almond milk (though I’m not dairy free, I just don’t drink milk). So I assume this still just has regular sugar though. 🙁 Someone tell them we want a honey almond milk kind with no refined sugar. 😉

  4. Nikki says

    I was there on Saturday and had this flavor. I think it was great. TCBY changed a lot in recent years. It’s self serve and you can mix and match toppings. Not much to complain about with this company.

  5. says

    Nikki, I too remember the old days when it was not self-serve. I’ve always wondered how they control costs since there’s probably more yogurt wasted by people spilling it or taking more free samples. If they’ve raised the price, I haven’t noticed. The self-serve way is so much better and it’s nice being able to mix flavors.

  6. Lisa Hunt says

    silk almond milk added to tcby is great but wish they would also use unsweetened silk almond as a choice for people that try not to eat much sugar. Also offer a non toxic sugar free alternative sweetner such as Stevia. Then I would be hooked.

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