Buttery Snickerdoodles with Totonac’s Mexican Vanilla

The Buttery Snickerdoodle Recipe from the back of the King Arthur Bread Flour bag has been calling my name ever since I pulled it out to make pizza dough. I love how bread flour improves the texture of certain baked goods. Alton Brown uses it in his famous chocolate chip cookies, Cook’s Illustrated recommends it for their chocolate cupcakes, and I use it in my giant oatmeal cookie recipe.  Because there is more gluten development with bread flour, cookies and cupcakes seem a little sturdier, and rounded cookies like these snickerdoodles spread more evenly as they bake.

Totonac's Vanilla

Another excuse for making Snickerdoodles was that I wanted to try another brand of Mexican vanilla.  My most recent acquisition (via eBay), was a vanilla called Totonac’s, which had a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.  When it arrived in the mail, I could barely get home from the mailbox fast enough to open it up and take a whiff.   I wasn’t impressed with the aroma straight from the bottle because it smelled like plastic and alcohol, but when I poured it into a little cup and let it sit, the smell opened up and it was very nice.  It was also very good in the Snickerdoodles, but the real test will be how well it works in vanilla icing and ice cream. I’ll keep you posted.  I hope someone out there is finding these Mexican vanilla reviews useful.   If you have one to recommend, let me know.

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