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Homemade Whippet Cookies

by on July 9, 2013 · 17 comments

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookie Whippet Clone

It would have made more in character had I gone to Quebec with the intention of finding Whippets, but the truth is I’d forgotten about the famous Canadian cookie and was more focused on Montreal bagels. Luckily, when we stopped at a store called Maxi to buy road snacks, I spotted the Whippets. If you’ve […]


Published on July 9, 2013
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Oreo Cheesecake

by on July 7, 2013 · 2 comments

Oreo Cheesecake

I’m a little bit behind on posting recipes this week, but this one is worth the wait! It’s what I served on The Fourth of July plus a few other occasions, so I guess that makes it my favorite Oreo cheesecake recipe. This recipe is adapted from a cookbook put out by Royal Caribbean (though […]


Published on July 7, 2013
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Maple Cashew Caramel Corn

by on July 3, 2013 · 6 comments

Maple Cashew Caramel Corn

If you’re lucky enough to have some pure maple syrup in the kitchen, here’s a fun way to use it.  This caramel corn is less buttery than others, but has just as much flavor thanks to the maple syrup.  It’s not over-the-top maple flavored and you might not even realize the maple syrup is there, […]


Published on July 3, 2013
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Melted Marshmallow Brownies

by on June 21, 2013 · 10 comments


I’ve made plenty of marshmallow brownies, but they’ve always involved scattering the marshmallows on top a few minutes before removing the brownies from the oven — a step prevents them from melting into the brownies and disappearing.  But this marshmallow brownie is a little different. Here, you stir in the marshmallows into the brownie batter […]


Published on June 21, 2013
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Snickerdoodle Cookie Bark

by on June 17, 2013 · 13 comments

Snickerdoodle Bark

This weekend I got an email from my friend Nancy telling me about some cinnamon flavored cookies she’d found at her local gourmet store. Since Nancy was the one who turned me on to Sheila’s Cookie Brittle and inspired the homemade version I called Brownie Bark, I associated Nancy’s cinnamon cookies with cookie bark, and […]


Published on June 17, 2013
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Pineapple Icebox Cake

by on May 24, 2013 · 10 comments

pineapple icebox cake

One of the best things my grandmother made was a dessert called banana split cake. It wasn’t really a cake at all, but a layer of cookie crumbs topped with a creamy custard of some sort, whipped cream, pineapple and bananas. Over the years I’ve tried several versions of the recipe trying to get it […]


Published on May 24, 2013
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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

In case you missed the news, yesterday was not only National Baking Day, but National Devil’s Food Cake Day.  And while I admit to not taking full advantage of the excuse to make a devil’s food cake, I made another type of chocolate cake which was just as good — a mayonnaise cake. If you’ve […]


Published on May 20, 2013
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jumbo chewy chocolate chunk cookies

After making a batch of big, soft, ginger cookies and admiring the lovely cracks and crevices, I decided to try converting my ginger cookie recipe to chocolate chip. It took a little experimenting, but I finally got what I was looking for — a dense, chewy cookie with a deep brown color and a top […]


Published on May 7, 2013