Bakesale Worthy Recipes

My favorite recipes for bake sales.

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Crazy Cream Cheese Cookie Bars

by on February 16, 2013 · 6 comments

Crazy Cookie Bars

These bars are a little over the top, but if you like the idea of Magic Cookie Bars combined with cheesecake, they’re worth a try. I was going for really tall Magic Cookie Bars, so rather than just pour on the Eagle Brand to hold all the chips together, I mixed it with cream cheese, […]


Published on February 16, 2013
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Reese’s Minis Peanut Butter Bars

by on February 6, 2013 · 7 comments

Reese's Minis Peanut Butter Bars

If you love peanut butter bars but have had bad experiences with ones that are too dry, try this recipe! As of today, it’s my favorite. These are dense, moist and fun to look at thanks to the scattering of Reese’s Minis and Reese’s Pieces on top. However, if you don’t want to deal with […]


Published on February 6, 2013
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Crispy Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

by on January 24, 2013 · 19 comments

tiny cookies

One thing I noticed while making batches of cookie bark is that baking at a low temperature for a longer amount of time almost always results in an evenly cooked and very crisp product. Recently, I’ve been applying this to some of my miniature cookie recipes. I’ve always loved teeny tiny cookies (especially the ones […]


Published on January 24, 2013
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Rooibus Phoenix Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies

Fuzz and I made a deal, that if she got the part of Annie in her school musical, I’d take her to New York to see Lilla Crawford play the role on Broadway.  Well, guess who’s going to New York?  Congratulations, Fuzz. And thanks for giving me an excuse to go to New York to […]


Published on December 19, 2012
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Favorite M&M Bars

by on April 26, 2012 · 14 comments

M&M Bars

Graduation is around the corner. And if you’re looking for recipes that use school colors, here’s the perfect bar cookie. Unfortunately, I didn’t consider these for graduation until after I’d baked a batch and discovered the colored M&Ms really did stand out. So unless I can find someone graduating from clown school, this batch will […]


Published on April 26, 2012
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The Best Yellow Cupcakes

by on April 20, 2012 · 45 comments

Best Ever Vanilla Cupcakes

Oh no, not another vanilla cupcake recipe! Yes, indeed. This is for everyone who is frustrated by the fact that it’s so easy to make a good scratch chocolate cupcake, but not so easy to make a soft, tender, vanilla cupcake. This recipe changes the game. Not that I don’t also love these sour cream […]


Published on April 20, 2012
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Gluten Free Almond Butter Brownies

by on April 11, 2012 · 33 comments

gluten free fudge brownie

Prepare for deep, dark, chocolate decadence! Yes, these are gluten free, but I’d make them again and again for anyone. Read on for the recipe. Food & Wine Magazine arrived in the mail yesterday, and while I don’t usually start tearing recipes out of magazines until I’ve read the whole thing, I tore Hazelnut Brownies […]


Published on April 11, 2012
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Mini Chocolate Loaf Cakes

by on January 14, 2012 · 16 comments

mini chocolate loaf cake

Time for more fun with mini loaf pans! If you’re out and about this weekend, consider picking up a couple because they are quite handy, especially if you’re cooking for two or want to make small loaves to share with multiple neighbors. Plus you can make these little cakes!  I was trying to make mini […]


Published on January 14, 2012