A Collection of Blondie Recipes

All the blondie recipes I’ve tried over the past few years.

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Chef Kate’s Goop Blondies

by on July 26, 2009 · 15 comments


his morning I finally tried Chef Kate’s Blondies – a popular recipe from Goop. They were terrific, but I did scale the recipe down a bit because the original is baked in a 12×18 pan. That’s perfect for bake sales or large groups, but we weren’t sharing today.


Published on July 26, 2009
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I didn’t understand the “essence of Emeril” until I ate at one of his restaurants. The man is a genius in the kitchen and the fact that these blondies are stellar is no surprise. Still, you have to be careful because there are a few things in the original recipe that are questionable and I […]


Published on June 23, 2009
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This is a more traditional blondie than the dense and rich ones previously posted. The base is lighter and is a good contrast to the big chunks of pecans which in my opinion, are absolutely necessary. In fact, I wish I’d added butterscotch chips as well because the sweet chips would have been good with the slightly salty (recipe uses salted butter) dough.


Published on May 17, 2009
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Katy's Blondies

This recipe is from Katy who has its source marked as an old Cooks Illustrated recipe. It looks a lot like their more recent one but scaled down a bit and with more egg. Like the newer one, it uses melted butter. Based on all my recent trials, blondies made with melted butter are the best. The ones with creamed ingredients taste good, but are more like Toll House chocolate chip bars than dense, smooth, packed-with-chunks blondies. These are the latter. Also, they’re very sturdy (not gooey) and tasted even better on Day 2.


Published on May 16, 2009
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by on May 15, 2009 · 18 comments


I’m going to a food blogger potluck this weekend and have decided to take blondies; the ulterior motive being that I can get multiple opinions which should help me choose the Top 5. “Blondies” is a tough category. First, there’s the question of what’s in them. Should we really compare a butterscotch blondie with one […]


Published on May 15, 2009
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After missing an important holiday, National Butterscotch Brownie day, I looked through Cookie Madness and found very few recipes for butterscotch brownies. There were plenty of blondies, but only two really emphasized the butterscotch – the Whole Foods recipe and the one from Cooking Light. So I decided to round up a few new butterscotch brownie recipes and test them side by side.


Published on May 11, 2009
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Jenn’s Butterscotch Blondies

by on May 10, 2009 · 7 comments

Butterscotch Blondies

I should get out of the house because it’s a beautiful day and I have a new haircut, but first here’s a butterscotch brownie recipe so we’ll all be prepared on May 9, 2010 when National Butterscotch Brownie Day rolls around again. I decided to commence testing with Jenn’s butterscotch blondie which she posted in […]


Published on May 10, 2009
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Happy Belated Butterscotch Brownie Day! And Happy Mother’s Day as well, but I missed National Butterscotch Day and need to touch on that first because one thing yesterday’s holiday brought to my attention was that of the nine recipes I have categorized under “Blondies”, only a couple have a particular emphasis on butterscotch. I need to make more […]


Published on May 10, 2009