Kid Cakes

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Chocolate Cupcake

I hadn’t planned on posting a recipe today, but I came home from an afternoon meeting to find Fuzz baking cupcakes and listening to music. Rather than break her flow or dive in and try to help, I told her I was going upstairs to use my treadmill and to let me know when the […]


Published on July 20, 2012
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Hidden Flag Cake

The last time Fuzz returned from camp, I welcomed her home with red, white and blue sugar cookies. This time I got a little fancy! Or tried to, at least. I didn’t think my attempt at the famous hidden flag cake would amount to much, but I’m feeling so proud of this cake that I […]


Published on June 30, 2012
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Rubber Duck Cake

by on August 10, 2010 · 18 comments

Duck Crumb Layer

Rubber Duck Cake


Published on August 10, 2010
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Garfield Cake!

by on August 21, 2009 · 20 comments

garfield invitations

Fuzz turns 8 tomorrow. In the past, we held off celebrating until after school began, but this year Fuzz insisted on having her party the real day of her birthday, and she knew what she wanted – a home party with a magician. She also wanted the theme to be “Garfield” so it’s a double […]


Published on August 21, 2009
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Happy Birthday!

by on August 22, 2008 · 35 comments


Hey Fuzz, it’s your birthday! Let’s talk about cake! You love cake almost as much as I do, but you’re more of a decorator. Remember that time you tried to make one of those 3-dimensional Barbie-in-a-big-skirt cakes? It didn’t quite work out, so we put a paper doll of you on top. …


Published on August 22, 2008
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Hello Kitty and Chococat Cakes

by on June 27, 2007 · 6 comments

Hello Kitty Cake

A few months ago, Fuzz told me she wanted to have a Night at the Museum themed birthday. For a second, it seemed like a great idea. Then I came to my senses and realized how difficult it would be to get Night at the Museum napkins, plates, and favors. Doing a knock-off theme incorporating […]


Published on June 27, 2007
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Pretty Princess Cake

by on February 1, 2006 · 11 comments


A few weeks ago, Fuzz and I started making a Pretty Princess cake – a recipe idea we got from the book Delicious Desserts from Batter Up Kids. We got as far as icing the first layer, but while stacking on the second, the layer broke in half. It was my fault for letting Fuzz […]


Published on February 1, 2006