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A few months ago I bought The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook: Recipes from the World-Famous Bakery and Allysa Torey’s Home Kitchen. There were so many good recipes, it took me weeks just to settle on something. That someting turned out to be the coconut cake, which is one of Todd’s favorite desserts.  Like a lot of […]


Published on March 29, 2010
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For Christmas, Todd gave me this gem of a cookbook, copyright 1983.  It even has a forward from household hint guru Mary Ellen Pinkham who says the recipes are ones you’ll actually use. At first glance, I wasn’t so sure.  I’m not a food snob, but recipe titles like Curried Oriental Tidbits, Ham Cakes Mauna Loa and […]


Published on January 23, 2010
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Baking Bites Cookbook Giveaway

by on October 22, 2009 · 279 comments


Here’s another chance at a free book! Nicole from Baking Bites is giving away a copy of The Baking Bites cookbook. I got a sneak peak at The Baking Bites Cookbook last month. The recipes are scratch, the design is bright and cheery, and the directions are concise yet thorough enough for novice bakers to […]


Published on October 22, 2009
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Shortcut Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

by on October 12, 2009 · 299 comments

Shortcut Cookies 3.13.09.indd

‘Tis the season for giveaways, and I have 3 copies of Camilla’s Saulsbury’s new book “Shortcut Cookies” to give to 3 of you. To win a copy of the book, just leave a comment with your favorite cooking or baking shortcut. I’ll pick 3 at random and email the winners between now and …


Published on October 12, 2009
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Food 2.0

by on May 8, 2008 · 3 comments

Food 2.0

Food 2.0


Published on May 8, 2008
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Mexican Fudge Bars

I don’t know how she did it, but Camilla Saulsbury got two recipes into Food TV’s Ultimate Cookie Showdown. She’s amazing, and you’ll agree when you try this recipe (it’s here). The showdown will air Sunday night. Will it win? That’s hard to say. The competition is tough, but this is a very clever combination […]


Published on March 21, 2008
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Easy Peasy Cookie Recipes

by on February 1, 2008 · 5 comments

Easy Peasy Recipes

If you are looking for a new cookie cookbook – something useful with recipes you can make at a moment’s notice, Heather and Lucinda Wallace’s new book Easy Peasy Recipesis the perfect choice. Heather and Lucinda sent me a free copy. I was surprised to find it didn’t contain the usual stories, information about equipment, […]


Published on February 1, 2008