Caramel Brownies

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Turtle Brownies

by on July 25, 2010 · 18 comments

Turtle Brownies

One of my projects of late has been weeding through cookware. Over the years I’ve accumulated tons of it, but not all of it is good. What I treasure now and want to make room for more of is my All-Clad. It may sound melodramatic, but cooking with good quality metal pots …


Published on July 25, 2010
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Peanut Butter Caramel Swirled Brownies are from a Bobby Flay Showdown. It was Bobby Flay against a little company in Vermont called The Vermont Brownie Company and as usual, I missed the show. Bummer, because Gesina was on this episode as a judge — I need to watch more TV. Luckily, somebody told me about […]


Published on February 26, 2010
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Sea Turtle Brownies

by on June 16, 2009 · 17 comments


This morning I bought ingredients to make one of Bon Appetit’s latest, greatest pies — the Raspberry No-Bake. I’m intrigued because one person gave it 4 stars and another person gave it 1. What’s the story? I have to know and will fill you in later. For now, here’s another recipe that also just happens […]


Published on June 16, 2009
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Streusel Caramel Bars

by on January 17, 2009 · 21 comments

Caramel Streusel Bars

Today I wanted to use up some leftover ingredients – half a can of condensed milk and a handful or caramels leftover from the holidays. This recipe from Eagle brand was the perfect choice. The title is Caramel Streusel Bars, but the condensed milk filling tastes more like dulce de leche; so you could tell […]


Published on January 17, 2009
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Caramel Topped Brownies

by on December 6, 2008 · 20 comments

Caramel Topped Brownies

I promise to bake an actual holiday cookie this weekend, but for now here’s a recipe based on one from a poultry farmer named Mary Lou who submitted it to Cooking Pleasures magazines. About Cooking Pleasures — it’s not an easy magazine to come by unless you are a member of Cooking Club of America. […]


Published on December 6, 2008
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Uncut Caramel Brownie

This brownie is made with a Ghirardelli product called “Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa” .  It comes in a gold canister and can be used for hot cocoa and certain baked goods.  When you see it, you’ll understand why it can’t be used spoon for spoon in place of regular unsweetened cocoa, so my advice […]


Published on April 28, 2008
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Caramel Filled Brownies

by on April 21, 2007 · 23 comments

Caramel Filled Brownie

This is one of my favorite caramel brownie recipes. The original version of the recipe is in The Pastry Queen: Royally Good Recipes from the Texas Hill Country’s Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe (an awesome book!), but I’ve made little changes to it over time. I usually halve the recipe and bake it in an […]


Published on April 21, 2007