Cream Cheese

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Cheesecake Bars (Small Batch)

by on June 7, 2008 · 12 comments

Todd has game night tonight. I’m not exactly sure what games he and his friends play, but I heartily condone game night because Todd has so much fun. Fuzz and I have fun too. We eat dinner on the couch and watch a movie that we can both tolerate, which means no …


Published on June 7, 2008
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marble brownies

It’s been a great day. The housekeepers came, I finished some chores I’d been avoiding, and I got an email asking if I’d bake something for Teacher Appreciation Day. Well of course! I had an instant excuse to test out a new brownie – something I built using a couple of other brownie recipes. These […]


Published on January 23, 2008
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Cocoa Cheesecake Streusel Bars

by on November 28, 2007 · 13 comments

Cheesecake Brownie Bars

Wednesday is actually my super busy doing housewife stuff day, so today’s recipe is getting posted a bit late. A friend sent it yesterday. It didn’t sound super exciting, but I was assured that it was very good. Plus when I looked at the recipe and the technique, I realized it was a bit …


Published on November 28, 2007
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Pumpkin Cheesecake Spice Bars

by on September 15, 2007 · 11 comments


Last night, while reading the October issue of Food & Wine, I came across an interview with Alexis Swanson Traina of Swanson Vineyards. After pausing for a second to think about fine wine and TV dinner pairings, I continued on with the article. Alexis, who seems like a neat person, says that some of her […]


Published on September 15, 2007
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Butterscotch Cheesecake Bars

by on June 4, 2007 · 16 comments

Butterscotch Bars

I baked these in a 13×9 inch springform pan but you can use a regular 13×9 inch pan. The bars look like this. Butterscotch Cheesecake Bars 1 cup butterscotch morsels 1/3 cup salted butter, melted 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1 cup chopped walnuts or walnut pieces, toasted 1 8 ounce brick cream cheese, softened […]


Published on June 4, 2007