Cereal Cookies

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Got any Grape-Nuts?

by on March 4, 2009 · 7 comments

You could make some Grape-Nut Applesauce Cookies. Also, here’s a joke for you.


Published on March 4, 2009
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Total Chocolate Chunk Cookies

by on January 12, 2009 · 21 comments

Total Cookies

(SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM) Remember those Total cereal ads where they’d stack cereal bowls on top of each other, put them next to a bowl of Total and say “You’d have to eat 12 bowls of this cereal to get all the vitamins in one bowl of Total”. Along with feeling a little nervous that […]


Published on January 12, 2009
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Everthing Cookies with Granola

by on November 20, 2008 · 10 comments


A few days ago, Mary sent me an email linking to a cookie on Sunday Nite Dinner. It seemed like your basic “Everything” or “Kitchen Sink” cookie, but it included granola. I’d never seen an Everything Cookie with granola, and since I’m always looking for ways to use what’s left near the bottom of the […]


Published on November 20, 2008
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Small Batch of Wheaties Cookies

by on July 24, 2008 · 14 comments

Wheaties polaroid

I always liked Wheaties cereal, but never felt athletic enough to buy it. Wheaties was for people who broke a sweat, like Mary Lou Retton and Bruce Jenner. I preferred cereal that saved me energy. For instance, Total, which said I’d have to eat 10 bowls of other cereal to get the same …


Published on July 24, 2008
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Big Cookies

Sunday evening, during a retail therapy session at World Market, I found some Guittard Super Chips. It was break-through session! See, I’ve been checking World Market off and on for months looking for these chips, but the World Market near my house never had them. So now they do, and I have another chocolate chip to add […]


Published on April 22, 2008
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Chips Gone Wild!

by on February 17, 2008 · 17 comments

Chips Gone Wild

The original name for these cookies is “3 Chip Cookies”, but today I’m calling them “Chips Gone Wild!” for obvious reasons.   I’m wrong a lot and this was one of those times. See, I thought using three types of chips would be overkill and that the flavors would all cancel each other out. But […]


Published on February 17, 2008
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Chocolate Coconut Crunchers

by on January 17, 2008 · 6 comments

Chocolate Coconut Crunchers

Okay, I have one more and that is IT. Finito. No more cookies today. This recipe was a winner in the 1994 Bake-off contest. It was created by a former WAC named Betty, who used her prize money to buy a car which she named “The Chocolate Coconut Cruncher”. Every time I come across this […]


Published on January 17, 2008
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Fiber One Crunchy Fudge Cookies

by on November 14, 2007 · 14 comments

fiber one cookies

I didn’t think I’d be able to make anything new today, but as I was cleaning the kitchen and moving boxes around, I noticed this recipe on the side of a Fiber One box. It sounded interesting and since I’m hosting a Brownie meeting later, I figured I’d test it out on a group of […]


Published on November 14, 2007