These cookies all use granola as an ingredient

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Thick Granola Cookie

In case one recipe wasn’t enough, here’s another granola cookie. The first one was chewy and what I’d call of average thickness, but this one is really thick and puffy. Also, instead of being dense and chewy, the center is crumbly. With less butter and egg, the base is not quite as rich as the […]


Published on June 7, 2012
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Today’s cookies were supposed to be Dorie Greenspan’s Granola Grabbers, but as usual, I went crazy and made a bunch of changes. I swapped out ground oats for the wheat germ, added chocolate chips, pecans, vanilla and baking soda and got rid of the raisins. There’s no confusing these for health food. They are buttery, […]


Published on May 2, 2009