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Hermit Bars

by on November 23, 2005 · 11 comments

Maybe my not posting yesterday was a subconscious attempt to make everyone believe that I am frantically preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. Well, I’m not. Our responsibilities this year include three things — dressing nicely, driving to Houston and showing up on time in the dining room of my grandmother’s retirement community. …


Published on November 23, 2005
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Colossal Ginger Cookies

by on October 13, 2005 · 4 comments

Colossal Ginger Cookies

If you want a huge, thick ginger cookies that are soft in the middle but have crispy edges, this is the recipe for you! I’ve been making these for years and they are always a hit — plus they’re perfect for wrapping and giving as gifts or selling at bake sales.  They’re also incredibly simple. […]


Published on October 13, 2005