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Triple Berry Mousse Tart

by on March 3, 2013 · 4 comments

triple berry mousse tart

If you have a celebration coming up or are just looking for a flashy but easy fruit dessert, I heartily recommend the Triple Berry Mousse Tart from Orchard’s Finest.   After trying it this week, Todd proclaimed it one of the best desserts ever.  (!!) Now he could have meant one of one hundred best […]


Published on March 3, 2013
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Eating Light Mocha Mousse

Today’s recipe is from the winter edition of Eating Light – 400 Calories or Less.  It’s a chocolate mousse with 208 calories and 11 grams of protein per serving. Before I jump to the recipe, I should mention that Eating Light is a special interest Hearst publication and the recipes within it come from some […]


Published on January 10, 2013
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Lemon Mousse

This weekend I discovered another no-bake dessert. It’s an easy lemon mousse recipe — the perfect accompaniment to fresh berries and 100 degree weather. This recipe makes 8 small servings, which you divide equally among your most elegant serving bowls or glasses. In this case, I used some wide (as opposed …


Published on June 6, 2011