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Cream Puff

I thought I’d be making bowls upon bowls of pastry cream since I’m searching for a favorite, but thanks to Katrina’s friend Paige, I may have found “the one”. Like yesterday’s pastry cream, this one starts with 2 cups of whole milk. However, instead of 2 yolks and a whole egg, it uses 4 yolks. […]


Published on September 9, 2013
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One of my favorite desserts is profiteroles. I don’t make them nearly as often as I should, and I’m not sure why that is because as a dessert, they offer a little of everything – especially if you fill the flakey, buttery puffs with cold ice cream and top them with a spoonful of decadent chocolate ganache. And the flavor combinations are endless. For dinner parties, profiteroles are the perfect dessert. Along with the face you can make them ahead of time, you can tailor the flavors to fit just about any theme.


Published on November 8, 2010