Top Five Double Chocolate Cookies

It wasn’t easy picking just five, but these are my most reliable, highly rated double chocolate cookies.

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Food and Wine Chocolate Brownie Cookies

I have three favorite double chocolate cookie recipes, plus a new one to add to the list. These Chocolate Brownie Cookies were featured in the November issue of Food & Wine, where editor-in-chief, Dana Cowin declared them the most delicious she’s ever had. The magazine describes them as crispy-chewy brownies in cookie form, but mine […]


Published on October 9, 2012
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Sparkling Chocolate Cookies

by on July 10, 2012 · 7 comments

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

After trying a recipe for gluten free coconut flour cookies, I decided to revisit another cookie I’ve been making on and off for the past 7 years – a very fudgy, easy, (and pretty) little chocolate cookie covered with sparkling sugar. Based on an a famous recipe from Vancouver’s Thomas Haas Chocolates, I’ve made changes […]


Published on July 10, 2012
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Double Chocolate Cookies

Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, how about chocolate in the form of a gigantic cookie? Like the other Levain copy cats, these are big, fat, and have fudgy soft centers. The ones I tried in New York were very dark and had peanut butter chips and I’ve found this recipe to be very similar — […]


Published on February 10, 2012
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Starbuck's Via Double Chocolate Cookies

One of my pet peeves while traveling is hotel rooms without coffee makers. From the hotel’s point of view, there are probably a million reasons not to have coffee makers; but from a traveler’s standpoint, it’s a huge inconvenience to have to get dressed to go to the lobby and buy coffee or pay $15 […]


Published on June 11, 2011
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Double Chocolate Cookies

If You Could Pick Only One Double Chocolate Cookie…


Published on November 9, 2010
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Maida’s Chocolate Whopper Cookies

by on December 31, 2005 · 7 comments

Maida Heatter's Chocolate Whoppers

I was recently asked to name a culinary icon and the first person to come to mind was Maida Heatter.  I’ve been following her career for years and own all her books, my favorite being  “Maida Heatter’s Cookies” which is the original source of this recipe.  In the book, Maida tells a story about being […]


Published on December 31, 2005