July 4 Recipes

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Big Batch Triple Chip Cookies

by on July 4, 2012 · 15 comments

Cookies for the Fourth of Juyly

Happy Fourth of July! Our holiday got off to a good start last night when we discovered the upstairs balcony was a prime viewing spot for the annual neighborhood fireworks display.  We would have noticed this last year had there been a fireworks show, but it had been canceled due to the drought. As for […]


Published on July 4, 2012
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Hidden Flag Cake

The last time Fuzz returned from camp, I welcomed her home with red, white and blue sugar cookies. This time I got a little fancy! Or tried to, at least. I didn’t think my attempt at the famous hidden flag cake would amount to much, but I’m feeling so proud of this cake that I […]


Published on June 30, 2012
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Flag Cake

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you’re having a good one. Ours has been really nice due to the fireworks ban, as there are no wild and tormented (or otherwise sedated) dogs running around. I  didn’t miss the fireworks at all.  It would have been fun to have a few sparklers, but we had …


Published on July 4, 2011
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July 4 Desserts

by on July 1, 2011 · 19 comments

Funfetti Cupcake Clone

Ack! It just hit me that today was July 1 and that we have a long weekend. On top of that, our neighbors are throwing a holiday bash and expecting contributions. I’ll probably take dessert, but like every Fourth of July, I can’t decide what. Red, white and blue desserts just …


Published on July 1, 2011
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If you haven’t heard the news, Austin is hot. Luckily, a cold front’s coming in to take us down to the high nineties. Phew. We spent most of the weekend in air conditioned buildings, one of which was the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Lamar. I wish it was a little closer to […]


Published on June 29, 2009
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This morning’s dessert recipe is from Pat, who linked to it in the comment section. Pat was sorry Cooks Recipes didn’t include pictures, but promised me it was a good dessert. As to its name, it has flour layers. The first layer is a crumbly crust made of vanilla wafers. The second layer is a […]


Published on July 3, 2008
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Red White and Blueberry Cookies

by on January 29, 2008 · 7 comments

Red White and Blue

I’ve been somewhat fixated on Midge’s cookies this morning. I liked them the way they were, but Carol’s idea of making them “Red White and Blue” inspired me to try them again with a slightly different dough. Here’s the second version. These are slightly less sweet and a bit thicker than the others. The cranberries […]


Published on January 29, 2008