An Easy King Cake Recipe

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Easy King Cake

by on January 29, 2007 · 29 comments

King Cake

Somehow, I went through life never knowing the existence of King Cakes. I’d never been to New Orleans, and Mardi Gras was a holiday that came and went with no fanfare whatsoever. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties, when a co-worker from New Orleans introduced me to King Cakes. Her dad kept sending them to her at work and each time she received one, she’d put it in the break room. The person who found the hidden plastic baby, in theory, should have bought another cake for the office. In this case, that person didn’t have to because the New Orleans girl’s dad just kept sending more! I kept thinking how sweet it was to have a dad who sent King Cake, so I like King Cake now for that reason. Still, I never felt compelled to make one from scratch.


Published on January 29, 2007