Guinness Stout Brownies Again

After my so-so apple bars, I decided to make something rich and chocolate-packed. We had some Guinness Stout in the refrigerator, so I went with a recipe from Recipezaar called Guinness Brownies. I was a little skeptical about melting white chocolate in with bittersweet for an all-chocolate brownie. What’s the point of that, anyway? But every Guinness Stout Brownie recipe on the Internet included the step of melting both chocolate and white chocolate together, so I did.

I used an 8 inch square pan as directed in the Recipezaar version. The brownies were very high, and more cooked around the edges than in the center….way more cooked. The inside was creamy like custard in a not-bad-tasting, but possibly-salmonella-inducing way. So if you don’t hear from you, you’ll know why.

Guinness Stout Brownies

Then again, it’s my fault for taking them out at exactly 22 minutes and putting them in an ice bath. I should have cooked them the full time and let them cool and cook internally on their own. Maybe then I’d be able to give the recipe 5 stars, as did the other reviewers.

As for the flavor, the brownies aren’t that sweet but are very chocolaty. The beer flavor is subtle and you get a hit of it every other bite or so. At least I did. I have a cold, so I’m not the world’s best taster today. But you can definitely taste the beer, and the stout flavor kind of lingers in your mouth in a good way. These, if you make them right, would be great for Halloween.

Here’s another recipe which looks a bit more promising. This one uses a 13×9 inch pan, more, more flour and more sugar. I’ll probably go ahead and give it a try this weekend.

The M&M’s on top were an afterthought. When I took the brownies out of the oven, I sprinkled broken milk chocolate over the the top, let it melt a bit, spread it around, then sprinkled it with crushed M&M’s. If you want to do a Halloween version, you could use the Halloween colored M&M’s. They’re kind of garish with the M&M’s, but this is the time of year to be that way, right?

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    There’s a fabulous chocolate stout cake on, if you’re interested. I made it for Gary’s birthday one year, and it got rave reviews.

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    You’ve inspired me to make Guinness brownies for my husband who’s a fan of the beer. Now just find me a dessert that uses Bass Ale, which is one of my favorites. I just found your blog, and I like it!

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    What did you use for superfine sugar? I read about this some where, but now I can’t remember what this is.
    I think these look great and I actually bought Guinness this weekend so I could try them out.

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