1. Debbi says

    WOW! Green grass! I had forgotten how that looked. We just see piles and piles of white until April. Nice to see the kids having fun outside without needing a sled. :-)

  2. Michelle W. in Calif. says

    Happy New Year to you & your family Anna, and everyone else here!!!
    We’re celebrating—-I dug up your caramel corn recipe and we’ll be chowing down on that soon!!! (it’s in the oven now)

  3. says

    Wonderful photos! Happy New Year. :)

    I will definitely be trying the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the other day, and the bourbon cake. But today… it’s going to be William Shatner’s muffins! (Which I think is hilarious, since I’m old enough to remember when he was acutally considered quite the stud muffin, himself LOL).

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