Orchard’s Finest Giveaway

As a follow-up to the recipe for Pick Your Flavor Cheesecake Bars, here’s a giveaway designed to liven up your holiday baking.   The nice people at Smucker’s have offered gift packs of Orchard’s Finest to three Cookie Madness readers.

Orchard's Finest Giveaway

I’d never heard of Orchard’s Finest until I visited Smucker’s headquarters, but I really enjoyed our little tasting session which was done in the lab where they test things like viscosity, sweetness and chunkiness of preserves. While the machinery used for the testing was pretty high tech, the ingredients in Orchard’s Finest were simple and the preserves tasted like something I might make at home if I knew how to make preserves. Out of all the flavors, my favorite was the orange marmalade, but I also liked the Triple Berry and the Cherry.

Now it’s your turn for a taste test. For a chance at receiving a free sample pack of Orchard’s Finest Preserves, post a comment telling me whether you prefer jam, jelly or preserves and what your favorite flavor is. The cut-off will be this Friday at noon and I will announce the winner on this very same post Saturday morning. As usual, this one’s limited to USA residents.

UPDATED:  Giveaway winner are Jessie, Giovanna and….

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  1. says

    I am a marmalade girl through and through, and I am probably most partial to a good sweet orange marmalade. Of the ones you mentioned, though, I would pick jam, sour cherry.

  2. Carole Resnick says

    I also like marmalades the best — any flavor of marmalade Love Smuckers Triple Berry nice mix of berries

  3. Christy says

    I prefer preserves as well, I like the chunkiness, and I think they retain more of the fresh fruit flavor. I have tried the smuckers perserves, the “Coastal Valley Peach Apricot” is the best, it’s sweet and tastes so natural- perfect for the centers of thumbprint cookies! My local store doesnt carry the blueberry but I’d love to try it.

  4. Tracy says

    I love having raspberry jam or preserves on hand at all times. Raspberry is great in thumbprint cookies, baked into a coffeecake or swirled on the tops of brownies before baking.

  5. Belladatura says

    Preserves or jam, for sure. Strawberry and raspberry are my favorites, but cherry sounds amazing!

  6. christine in pdx says

    Preserves – yum! strawberry rhubarb is yummy. My favorite though should include marionberries – a triple berry or peach/marionberry.

  7. marleen says

    My husband and I now live in Washington state and got hooked on raspberry jam with scones!! That is our favorite flavor with blackberry jam a close second.

  8. April says

    I love peach or nectarine jam. I prefer jam or perserves over jelly. I have a jar of Smucker’s Orchard Perserves Peach and Apricot in the fridge. I got it at Target.

  9. says

    Strawberry jam is my favorite, especially when it’s homemade using strawberries picked at the local strawberry patch!
    Though I became hooked on marmalade when I was living in England…on toast, on scones, on everything!

  10. lindsay weiss says

    Orchard’s Finest Tart Cherry Preserves are my favorite condiment ever! I can eat that stuff straight from the jar.

    I also use the OF preserves when I bake my world famous Tart Cherry Cheddar Bars. (And by world famous I mean…our household.)

  11. Martha in Georgia says

    I have always been partial to strawberry preserves but my boys (husband and 15 year old son) LOVE cherry.

  12. Darlene says

    I love to use raspberry jam in the thumbprint cookies my mother called “Cream Cheese Cookies” because cream cheese is one of the ingredients in the cookie dough. You have to use jam (not preserves) in that cookie, otherwise the circle of raspberry would be sloppy looking. We always use a “baby spoon” (one left over from when we were babies) to carefully place the jam in the center of the dough (neatness counts in our family).

  13. Robyn says

    Like many who have posted, I’m a strawberry preserves girl. There is nothing I find as comforting as a piece of buttered toast with strawberry preserves. I like other preserved fruits as well, but strawberry is my favorite! I’m don’t really like “jelly” at all. And I’m not entirely sure what “jam” is.

  14. Jenn says

    Strawberry preserves for the win. Like a poster above, I agree that buttered toast with strawberry preserves is a total comfort food, as it a peanut butter & strawberry preserves sandwich on homestyle white bread.

  15. Valerie says

    If we’re going store-bought, I love Smucker’s apricot preserves. My favorite jam, however, is my mom’s homemade peach or strawberry – num!

  16. Mary says

    I love to have little chunks or bits of fruit in my spreads – so would that be a jam or a preserve? Anyway, these all look delicious!

  17. Janet says

    I love raspberry and apricot preserves, I bake with them alot and I only use Smuckers. I love the orange marmalade on toast.

  18. says

    I probably buy jam or preserves more than jelly, but I can’t say that I truly have a definite preference. My favorite flavor is blackberries.

  19. says

    In the last couple of years I have become truly fond of apricot preserves. When I was younger I hated apricot anything so this is an interesting twist for me. I’ve used the Smucker’s Orchard’s Finest Apricot and Cherry. They were both really great. I’d love to try the other flavors too.

  20. Jennifer says

    I love jam and preserves but don’t actually like jelly (my kids do, though.) My favorite flavor is strawberry, but I love to use orange marmalade in recipes.

  21. Tierney M. says

    Hmmmm…I’m torn between Orange marmalade and Cherry preserves. Both are my absolute favorites.

  22. Rachel! says

    boysenberry jam!! i love the slight chunkiness and tartness from the berry. delicious on honeywheat toast!!

  23. angela says

    i prefer jam or preserves. (dislike jelly). saskatoon jam is my favorite, but i’ll take strawberry or blueberry too.

  24. Cindi says

    I like preserves. My favorite is Fall Harvest Cinnamon Apple Preserves. One day when I was making Carmelitas, I discovered (a bit late) that I didn’t have any Smucker’s Caramel Topping. I substituted the Cinnamon Apples preserves, and the resulting bars were very good!

  25. Martha in KS says

    Jams, jellies, preserves, I love you all so much, and prefer those with chunks of fruit. But my favorite is your cousin – Orange Marmalade. Sadly, the FAA regulation of 3 ounces or less has put a cramp in my buying local jams/jellies when on vacation.

  26. Leah says

    Hands down, strawberry preserves. Nothing beats this classic. It’s the best dessert substitute while babysitting, when I want to avoid the kids getting too much of a sugar rush!

  27. Donna G says

    I like jam because there is less sugar. Preserves I think have less than jam, but I dunno if preserves come in grape…

  28. Rhonda S says

    Jam is easier to spread in a pinch; however, preserves have a much richer texture and flavor in my opinion! 🙂

  29. Patty W. says

    Mmmm, preserves! Now that I’m a grown up, I do love marmalade on my toast! Is that jam or preserves? Who knows — I just like it!

  30. Beth says

    Always preserves, my favorite being apricot!

    Side note: my fave banana bread recipe from KAF contains apricot preserves. perhaps that is why it is my fave? 🙂

  31. Jacqui says

    I like them all – jelly, jam or preserves!! My favorite of all is usually strawberry though 🙂

  32. pat says

    I have to admit I do not know the difference between Jelly, jam and preserves. But I will eat any kind of berry on my toast!

  33. Karin Muserallo says

    I love preserves of any kind. Two of my personal favorites are fig and pear preserves. We Southern girls have these fruits in almost in every back yard! Preserves seem to be the truest essence of fruit flavor in a jar! I love the idea that Smuckers has actually got some regional fruit! My sentimental favorite is strawberry preserves. My grandmother and mother both made them! <3

  34. Karen CA says

    I like all of them and my favorite is a berry of some kind, blackberry, raspberry, but that cherry sounds pretty good, love them, even peach is good. Thanks for the opportunity to sample these.

  35. Kathy says

    I prefer Jam, and my favorite is blackberry. Blackberry is harder to find. I have also made blackberry jam, and it was wonderful!

  36. Beth L says

    I prefer preserves (say that three times fast) and my favorite is a toss up between blackberry and cherry.

  37. Jennie says

    Raspberry preserves are mine and my family’s favorite! We love it on toast. I also take extra pie dough and combine with preserves to make fruit centered cookies.

  38. Krystle says

    For me it depends on what i’m using it for, or what i’m in the mood for. But I love blueberry jam, and strawberry preserves.

  39. Bethany says

    I love preserves- especially my grandmother’s homemade pear preserves. But I am sure I would also love the Smucker’s cherry preserves. :0)

  40. Liz says

    We make a lot of jams ourselves. My favorite was the time we added the pectin at the wrong time and ended up with raspberry ice cream topping instead of raspberry jam.

    Favorite though…..strawberry jam.

  41. Cookies4kids says

    I make tons of my own jams and jellies each year for my husband and as gifts. I think I like the 3 berry jam the best. Thanks & Happy Holidays.

  42. Maureen says

    I love orange marmalade – always reminds me of breakfast with Grandma. She’d have orange marmalade on toast with her morning tea. 🙂

  43. Alyson says

    I grew up on my grandma’s homemade strawberry and raspberry jam, so of course my favorite is store-bought grape jelly!

  44. Robin says

    I learned how to make jam a couple of years ago and my friends have really enjoyed the Vanilla Almond Raspberry. I do believe that I prefer this year’s batch of Ginger Blueberry.

  45. Kristen says

    Raspberry jam. No one in my family likes it, so when I get to have some, I could probably down a loaf of bread with butter and raspberry jam. 🙂

  46. JoanS says

    I like fig preserves, but living in a city, it’s difficult to get figs to make my own and the storebought ones somehow just don’t make the cut!!

  47. Heather says

    My favorite are preserves! My mother-in-law makes an amazing passionfruit and mango preserve. It’s delicious!

  48. Nancy says

    My favorite is one that my grandma made years ago when I was growing up. Plum jelly. When I taste it now, I always think of her.

  49. Kim says

    I really like strawberry jam, especially our homemade strawberry jam. I also like strawberry-rhubarb, but the last one I bought was so sweet, I couldn’t taste the rhubarb.

  50. WendyW says

    Homemade raspberry freezer jam! This year I think didn’t add enough sugar so it is very loose, but still tart and tastes like summer 🙂

  51. Jessica says

    I love jellies the most. Pomegranate jelly is the best! I also love cherry preserves as a close second. All this thinking about jelly, jam, and preserves has me hungry! : )

  52. Kim says

    My mom’s homemade peach freezer jam is my absolute favorite…can literally eat it with a spoon out of the jar 🙂

  53. Mary says

    I prefer preserves on toast or English muffins — apricot or blackberry, please! — but prefer the smooth texture of jam or jelly for cookies (for use as a layer in bar cookies or as a filling for thumbprint cookies).

  54. B Miller says

    I love them all, but suppose I’m mostly a jelly type 🙂 Raspberry or strawberry depending on my mood of the day!

  55. Cecelia says

    I missed the deadline, but still love jam! Just got back from Oregon–have you tried Marionberry jam? To die for!