Pumpkin Pie Bars From Kraft

The older I get, the more I like certain foods. For instance, 3 years ago you wouldn’t catch me eating olives. Now I am crazy for them. Same thing with nuts. I’ve been indifferent toward them most of my life, but now I crave them. I’m especially fond of toasted pecans. What I’m leading up to here is that I’m really just starting to like pumpkin. It started off with the introduction of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies then just sort of took off. I’ve been eating pumpkin in everything from soup to enchiladas to pasta. As for sweets, bring it on. Is it me, or is pumpkin turning up in more places than usual this year? Is this purely seasonal or is pumpkin the next big thing? Eh, probably seasonal. Thanksgiving is in a week so all this pumpkin hoo-ha is to be expected I suppose.

Anyhoo. The cookie recipe I’m posting today comes from our good friends at Kraft, Or as Todd would like to say “Big Food”. Kraft’s clever home economists came up with a pretty darn good pumpkin bar which in my opinion, is much better than a slice of pumpkin pie. I followed the directions as stated, but threw some chocolate chips into the streusel topping part just for fun.


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    Thanksgiving is over here in Canada but I will continue to eat pumpkin. I make my own rules. I just can’t give it up right after the holidays. And now I have a new recipe to try. Thanks for that!

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