Hazelnut-Pecan Lime Pepper Cookies

After making Therese’s recipe (via the Sun Times), I decided to go ahead and make the Hazelnut Council’s version of the hazelnut lime pepper cookies. That is, the version that uses 2 1/4 cups flour rather than just 1 1/4 cup and which has melted white chips on top. I was low on hazelnuts, so I filled in with some pecans. I was also out of butter, so I used butter flavored shortening. Here’s what I ended up with.


The only difference the pecans made was a slight flavor variation. As for the butter flavored shortening, I believe it made the texture better (crumblier and sandier) than the cookies would have been with butter. I’m sure butter would be great too.

Like the last batch, the cookies tasted excellent without anything on top, but I decided to go ahead and do a few cookies with topping just for fun.


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  1. Amy says

    They’re very good! I definitely like both the flavor combination and the texture.

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