Winning Cookie Photo — Taste Test

The million dollar “Double Delight Peanut Butter Cookies” were delicious, but did you have any doubt? It’s hard to go wrong with a surprise peanut butter filling. The cookies don’t look particularly impressive on their own, but arranged on a pretty tray or packaged bake-sale style (which they are sturdy enough to handle) they not only look great, but taste good.

double delight

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  1. says

    So these are really just a play on those Peanut Butter filled chocolate cookies (also called “Magic in the Middle” cookies made with the peanut butter dough instead? The chocolate ones tasted fantastic when we made them. What a great idea to use the peanut butter dough and I bet the crunch from rolling the dough in chopped peanuts was a nice contrast!

  2. Another Valerie says

    Can you show what the inside looks like? Or does it just look like the inside of a cookie? I’m picturing the inside of a peanut butter cup…

  3. angie says

    Just got back from the grocery store and I bought the cookie dough component of the cookie. I am making these for dessert this evening. My guess is that the sales of the cookie dough will go sky high! Thanks for testing them Anna. I’ll let you know how mine are and if my fam love them

  4. Valerie says

    I tried these cookies before heading off to Dallas and they are great — better than I expected from just looking at the recipe. I already see the negative reviews are already pouring in for carolyn on the Pillsbury site. ugh — I hate that. I met her. she was on my floor at the hotel. she is a very nice woman — very very family oriented. I am not sure if she is a grandma or not — but she reminds me of a steretypical grandma who bakes. TOO nice to be given such rude treatment.

    my highlights of the trip:
    1) meeting Tracy from Rah-Cha-Chow. so nice!!
    2) Sally Pillsbury tasted my recipe samples at my work station and told me they were “divine.”

    what fun!! thanks to anna for encouraging me to enter!

  5. says

    Wow, so exciting to hear about the event and see the winning recipes! Congrats to the winner for thinking up a simple recipe that works magic. If only we could all think along those lines at times!

    Thanks Anna for making these to check them out! Now I’m super curious myself!!

  6. says

    So I have to ask…did you have this one picked as a winner? I have to admit, I don’t think I looked at it too closely. There seemed to be quite a few others that jumped out, especially in the “sweets” category.

    But sometimes simple is better, and your pics look divine. Thanks for making them!

  7. says

    Sorry I am slow responding to comments. Relatives were here.

    Katrina, I’m looking forward to your review. You cover all the bases!

    AJC, I have a cookie with your name on it…..I spelled it on in chopped peanuts. No really!

    Joe, I’ve seen variations on this same cookie and I agree with you that her little twists were clever. Based on her win, I’d say rankings for “simplicity” and “taste” were higher than rankings for “originality” this year. Just guessing.

    Angie, did you make them yet? What do you think?

    Another Valerie, I kind of wondered if people would care to see a cross-section, then thought “Nah, no one will care”. I underestimated my fellow bakeaholics. Cross-section is posted.

    Valerie. Congratulations just for making it to the contest. I’ve already made your Mexican Chocolate Crunch Brownies and they were delicious. As for the bad reviews on the winner, well, that comes with the territory. Glad you got to meet Tracy. Hope she made it home okay. Did you meet Sandra Lee? This recipe is perfect for Sandra Lee.

  8. says

    Lindsay, sorry. Didn’t mean to ignore the question. I’m typing in a hurry.

    No, I didn’t pick that one as a winner. The only one of my picks was the Apple Jack Chicken Pizza. But I am a friend to all cookies and am glad the cookie won.

  9. says

    I caught your Cake reference as well… a big fan.
    The cookie looks lovely. Thanks for the pictures!

  10. Valerie says

    I still don’t get this Cake thing. I am probably just living under a rock.

    I didn’t get to meet Sandra Lee but I saw her wandering around the bakeoff floor truly enjoying herself. I had no samples available at the time she passed me. They could not have chosen a better host for the awards ceremony. She was truly honored and tickled to be there and she was LOVING every minute of it. She was so interested and personable as the ceremony host. I was very impressed — I think she should do it every year!

  11. angie says

    I made the cookies for dessert last evening and the family just devoured them! My son is 12 and had a friend over and my daughters boyfreind came for dinner and so there were 6 of us and only 20 cookies…I thought there was going to be a rumble! A very nice cookie that caused no fuss and no muss.
    I am glad to hear that Sandra Lee did such a nice job as the ceremony host. I am not impressed with her on TV and I HATE her tablescapes and how everything has a theme and everything matches…yuk! I am glad she was thrilled to be there and so gracious.

  12. says

    Valerie, Cake is a band and part of my post was a lyric from a song :). If you are super bored, you can research that ;).

    Angie, I think that’s why the cookies won. They are the perfect last minute recipe.

    About Sandra Lee, it’s amazing how strongly people react to her show. I find it amusing. I can read recipes all day long and I learn from books. But when it comes to TV, I’ll take Sandra Lee. I want costume changes! Drama! Crazy tablescapes and the word “funnest”. LOL.

  13. says

    I got home last night, safe and sound. It was a great time and very nice to meet Val (above).

    I just knew you’d try the winning recipe. I’ll be going to the store to get the ingredients shortly.

    I’ll post a recap by tonight, but in short:
    – the competition was fierce. When looked at as a whole, I thought the recipes were stronger than when you & I went in 2004. I was especially impressed with the plating.
    – Sandra Lee is warm, friendly and funny in person. I’m not a fan of her show, but I am definitely a fan of her. She should have a live show — she’d be as good as Paula Deen.
    – I didn’t meet the woman who won (that I remember) but she was adorable on stage at the awards ceremony. I’m sure she will do a terrific job on the Today Show tomorrow morning (Thursday).

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