Brownies for Cinco de Mayo

“Ay Caramba!” Only 3 more shopping days until Cinco de Mayo.

Maracas. Check
Pinata. Check
Tequila. Check
Mariachi Band. Check
Brownie Mix. Check.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. Check.

The list is a little different this year thanks to Valerie and her Mexican Chocolate Brownies, a recipe she created for the Pillsbury Bake-off.   Along with being perfectly themed for the holidays, they are delicious, with a crust made of crushed cinnamon cereal, a fudgy brownie center and a cinnamon sugar topping.

Recipe (with reviews) is here.

Cinco de Mayo Brownies

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  1. says

    Ah, how nice of you to feature Val’s recipe! I’ve been wanting to try this. And since I almost always have Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in my pantry due to my 6 year old’s obsession with it, I should be making this soon!

  2. julie says

    I wonder if cinnamon graham crackers would work instead of the cereal- it might not be as crunchy and I do not know if I would need the corn syrup……. but I will for sure make a batch to take to work –

  3. Valerie says

    aw. thanks for “featuring” my recipe. I just got back from my appearance at a local grocery store. they baked up 6 batched of my brownies to hand out and they had a little congratulatory ceremony and photo-op for me. I got two big gift baskets and a $100 gift card.

    I would stick with the cinnamon toast crunch cereal, myself, as opposed to using the graham crackers. the GC’s would work, but I just don’t think they’d be as good. that’s just my bias, though.

    I have made them and left out the corn syrup and they work fine. it is just there to bind the crust but not essential. I usually leave it in, though, just in case.

    cinnamon chips work. the brownies aren’t quite as fudgy that way, but still good. and some people don’t care if brownies are fudgy or not.

  4. kat says

    i live in houston and don’t know where to buy maracas!
    where did you buy yours?

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