Triple Malt Chocolate Cake

I’m pretty excited because I finally baked the Triple Malt Chocolate Cake from Chowhound. It was so easy it almost made itself, but what was difficult was finding the right kind of malt powder.

triple malt chocolate cake

In this recipe, the type of malt powder that works best is the unsweetened type made by Carnation or Horlick’s. I believe Ovaltine makes it too, but if you buy Ovaltine, check to make sure it’s actual malted milk powder and not drink mix. Ovaltine makes all kinds of products and I know one of the malted products contains a lot of extra ingredients plus sugar. That’s the one you don’t want. To be safe, look for Carnation.

malted milk powder

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  1. says

    Hooray for winning the football game, Matthew McConaughey, and watching a cute film!!! And hooray for an AMAZINGLY DECADENT-LOOKING CAKE, oh my goodness.

  2. Therese B. says

    That IS the best malt powder. My hubby is a malt guy…and that is the powder he uses when he makes his malts.
    The cake looks sooooooo good!!! I will have to find a reason to make it!

    I made the Alton Brown cookies…they were delish!

    Matthew at the game??!! WOW! Can’t get any better than that!!!

  3. says

    Urgh. I bought Ovaltine for one of the upcoming malt-y TWD recipes. I’m going to return it and get Carnation. Thanks for the tip and your cake looks great!

  4. says

    Carnation malted milk powder is THE BEST! I’m a malt freak, and I’ve used this since I was little to make the yummiest malted milk! They make a chocolate version too, but it’s harder to find.

    My grandma always had Horlick’s malted milk tablets that we’d munch on for a treat when I was a kid. I loved the “skritchy” feeling they made when I crunched them between my back teeth.

    Needless to say, your cake looks amazing. I’ll have to try it!

  5. says

    We ate dinner at Hill Country in NYC on Saturday night, and it was PACKED with UT fans! Guess you can’t beat barbecue and football. : )

  6. says

    I love Malt flavor( except I dont like whoppers, I think its the fake chocolate that turns me off). Growing up, my mom would make us big thick choc. malts for dessert that she’d serve with Charles Chips bavarian pretzels. ( the salty sweet thing).

    I make Malts for my niece when she spends the night and she loves them too. They’re not a big thing here, you can’t find them on any menu. Horlicks is sold here, but not carnation. I buy mine in MI.

  7. Rachel B. says

    Uh-oh . . . I just realized that the too-sweet chocolate malt cake I made last year probably can be attributed to Ovaltine. Oops. Will have to go out and buy myself some Carnation.

  8. CPB says

    Anna, the comments on chowhound’s site said that 3 sticks of butter was too much in the frosting. Did you reduce the butter when you made it? If so, by how much? What’s the verdict either way?

    Have fun with your friends.


  9. says

    Is malt originally a Northern thing? I REALLY dislike malt. We never had it growing up. blergh.

    For fun I asked hubster if he ever ran into Matthew or Lance at the B&N. 😉

  10. says

    I only see rock stars at the Barnes & Noble….never athletes or movie starts, though Angelina Jolie was spotted by someone not too long ago.

    For some reason, this subject reminds me of Beck at the Taqueria.

    About malt. Wikipedia has some fascinating info. It says malted milk powder was invented in 1897 by William Horlick. It was supposed to be an easily digestible health food. A soda fountain at a Walgreens started adding malt powder to milkshakes and thus, the malted milkshake was born. It was the wheatgrass of its time! Sort of, I guess.

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