Dark Chocolate Toberlone Cookies

Remember the cleaning project from yesterday? It’s coming along nicely, but I’ve run into a problem. How do I get rid of some books?

gun book

I could freecycle them, but do I really want an Ayn Rand reading, lock-picking, gun collecting freak dropping by the house?  And why do I have these books?  What to do, what to do.

I’ll figure it out. For now, here’s a cookie. I baked these with some dough that spent a good 24 hours in the refrigerator. The chill time made them nice and fat, though the slightly flatter ones I baked yesterday were very good too.

Toblerone is not for everybody, but I like it lot. Maybe because I’m part Swiss. The milk chocolate Toberlone bars are kind of sweet, but the dark chocolate ones worked perfectly and gave the cookies that little bit of chew I was looking for. It’s best when the cookies are completely cool, though. Otherwise the sticky bits are just annoying.

Toblerones worked great today, but you can stuff these cookies with whatever type chocolate you like– bittersweet chips, chopped chili infused chocolate, hazelnut. The dough recipe, which is adapted from Great Cookies: Secrets to Sensational Sweets and it will hold just about anything. I might try another batch with chunks of Oreos.

toblerone cookies

Dark Chocolate Toblerone Cookies

4 ounces bittersweet chocolate (114 grams)
1/2 cup all purpose flour (68 grams)
1 tablespoon Dutch process cocoa (5 grams)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder (2 ml)
1/8 teaspoon salt (pinch)
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature (58 grams)
6 tablespoons granulated sugar (72 grams)
1/4 cup packed dark brown sugar (55 grams)
1 large egg
1 tablespoon hot brewed coffee (or water)
3/4 teaspoon vanilla
3 ounces of chopped bittersweet chocolate
3.5 oz dark chocolate Toberlone, chopped into bits

Melt the chocolate in bowl set over barely simmering water or in microwave. Set aside and let it cool slightly. It should still be slightly warm when you use it.

Sift together the flour, cocoa and baking powder, stir in the salt; set aside.

Beat the butter with a mixer until creamy. Add the sugar and beat for 2- 3 minutes. Add the egg, mixing until blended and scraping bowl, then beat in coffee and warm melted chocolate. Add the flour mixture and stir until it’s mixed; gently stir in chocolate and Toblerone bits. Note: check the temperature of the dough before you stir in the chocolate chunks. If it’s warm, chill it before adding so that the chocolate won’t melt into the warm dough.

Chill dough for at least an hour. I think the cookies are best when made with dough that’s been chilled for a full day.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Scoop dough up and shape into 1 ½ inch mounds. Set 3 inches apart on cookie sheets and bake on center rack for 10-12 minutes. Let cookies cool on the sheet for 2 minutes then transfer to a rack.

Makes about 22 cookies

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  1. says

    Are you kidding me?! Don’t get rid of the 1998 standard catalog of firearms! I use that on a daily basis.

    The cookies look delicious.

  2. says

    Really? Toblerone isn’t for everyone? I’ll take their share!! I LOVE Toblerone!!! The cookies look so good!!!

    Good luck with your books. Good thinking about the gun collecting/Ayn Rand fans. 🙂 You can never be too careful. 🙂

  3. says

    You guys have Half Priced Books, right? The ones they don’t want to buy from you they will take and recycle or whatever.

  4. Suzy says

    Try Cash4books.net. You just type in your ISBN number and it’ll tell you if it accepts it. My friend just sold 6 that way and got free Fedex to ship the books to them.

  5. says

    I suppose we shouldn’t ask WHY you have the books about firearms. Okay, well enough left alone! 😉

    The cookies look great. My husband took me to see Julie & Julia on Saturday and before we went to the theater and paid big bucks for some candy, we stopped by Target. We ended up getting Junior Mints, but we both saw a Toblerone bar at the same time and said in unison “ooh.”

  6. says

    Suzy, thanks for the Cash 4 Books suggestion. I’d never heard of that until now.

    I entered some ISBN numbers. They did not want the 1998 Standard Catalog of Firearms but they will give me $1.09 for “Candy Girl” by Diablo Cody. Now I’m off to enter more ISBN numbers.

  7. says

    I lived in Switzerland for a while and gained an even stronger affinity for chocolate than I’d had before I moved there. And cheese. Chocolate and cheese. Can you make cookies with those together?

  8. Karen says

    Love toblerone, I don’t think I’ve tried the dark one. Might just pick one up tonight if I can find one to attach to my daughter’s birthday present tomorrow, I like to give her something chocolate each year.
    Your post made me laugh – some books might just be best recycled rather than passed on – you might be doing the world a favor.

  9. says

    I donate my unwanted books to the local library. They often have sales, where they sell the books for a dollar a bag, to raise funds. Charity shops take them too. Books are hard to get rid of, sometimes, and heavy.

    Whatever you do, give them to a nice person! I’m scared! However, I agree with Toberlone–it is truly a duty-free, universally loved substance.

  10. Rudy says

    Cookies look delicious!!

    Donate the gun magazines, etc to your local police department or sheriff’s office. They will love to have them!!

  11. Martha says

    Here in KS our library takes donated books & they have sales a couple times a year with the proceeds going to buy more books for their collection. You might check it out. If you’re like me, your time is too valuable to deal with ebay.

  12. says

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ve learned a lot today and have done my first sell with Cash 4 Books. What a productive day.

    Katrina, I do not know why I have the fire arms book but I do. In fact, I have more than one. Neither Todd nor I were ever into gun collecting so I’m not sure where they came from. Probably my dad.

    Rudy, I’m going to try dropping gun books off at the police station. We’ll see how that goes. Good suggestion.

    I’m going to donate all the ones Cash 4 Books didn’t want to the libary.

  13. says

    why not donate the books to your local library? Most librarys have book sales that raise money for the library.

    holey moley those cookies look scrumptious!

  14. says

    Anna, I’ve found the easiest way to dispose of them is to hand deliver them to a used book store. You’ll get pennies on the dollar but don’t have to worry about mailing etc. These cookies look terrific by the way.

  15. says

    Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier, but the reason I don’t want to sell the books at the used bookstore is because our used bookstore is so busy that it often takes them an hour or more to do a buy. You’re not allowed to drop the books off, either. If you want to get paid, you have to stay in the store for the full hour (or whatever) it takes them to do the buy.

  16. Pam says

    Hi Anna,

    I’ve been a member of PaperbackSwap.com for a couple of years now. It’s great — they have a huge (free) membership. You post your books by the ISBN # and then wait for some other member to request your book. The site allows you to print out a mailing label and gives you the choice of buying your postage on-line which saves you a trip to the post office. Mailing books using the media rate usually costs around $3.00. For every book you mail you get 1 credit which allows you to order a book from another member. They accept all genres of books and have a huge selection. I’ve been very pleased with this web-site. They also have CDs, audiobooks, and DVDs for swapping.

  17. says

    Mmmm these cookies look amazing! I bet they taste super delicious:) You could always sell your books on amazon, although I would worry the weight to ship the item would overprice the actual price you could get for the book. When all else fails you could always donate the books to the Salvation Army/Goodwill and take the tax write off.

  18. says

    Good point! Forgot about the tax write-off.

    Pam, PaperbackSwap is something worth looking into as well.

    I’m mailing off my Cash 4 Books box today. It’s a test. I’m going to ear $5.00. I’ve already put more than $5.00 worth of time into it, though. LOL.

  19. Pie Maven says

    I had no idea dark chocolate Toblerone existed! You have opened my eyes to all new possibilities. Now I just have to find some…

  20. says

    Mmmm these look so good! I made cookies with Toblerone once and loooved how they turned out. The way the bits of nougat melted was delicious.

  21. says

    The cookies sound delicious! Mmm, cookies! I saw this in Craft magazine & had to stop by. Thanks for posting. I’ll have to check out some of your other recipes.
    The idea of the Cash4books site that was mentioned above sounds great, as well…Too many books, not enough time.

  22. says

    An image is worth a thousand words, the cookies look delicious! Everybody loves Toblerone, and for some reason, you always find it at any airport in the world (does anyone know why’s that?)

  23. Tanis says

    Hi Anna,
    The Toblerone cookies look SOOOO AWESOME….just to clarify. At the end of the recipe is 3 oz bittersweet ____________? Is that chocolate chopped, or morsels, or what? Thanks

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