Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats

Well, first off….


I’m in the midst of last minute Valentine’s Day preparations. If you find yourself in the same predicament, check out a few of the suggestions below.

Extra Big Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies – Easy and cute!

Small Batch Toffee Cookies – Really delicious and makes just enough for one or two friends.

Lazy Mom’s Cut-Out Sugar Cookies – Something for the kids to do while you’re making Valentine’s Day Dinner. Make the cookies early so they’ll be ready to go.

Tex-Mex cookies. These are so good. Make sure you use natural cocoa.

Mini Chip Cut-Out Cookies from the Nestle test kitchen (where they know what they’re doing).

Bottle of good wine! 

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  1. Kaye says

    Super yummy! I think I need to go bake…

    I am adding this post to my list of V-day ideas on my blog! Thanks for the suggestions!

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