Food & Wine Chocolate-Almond Bars

Chocolate-Almond Bars are from Food & Wine, and I have to say I felt a little bit sorry for the recipe. It’s a great one, but it’s in the “Tasting in Testing” section and does not have a photo to accompany it. Furthermore, it’s completely overshadowed by the Christmas Cookies from Baking’s Biggest Talents section.

But this recipe is special. The base-dough is made with almond butter and there is absolutely no flour. The dough, which is studded with chocolate chips and roasted chopped almonds, bakes up into a crispy and light shortbread type cookie, which I’m thinking will have a very long shelf life and be good for shipping or saving. We’ll see about that.

If you want to make a half batch (almond butter is expensive) just halve the ingredients and bake in an 8 inch square metal pan. I tested it this way and it worked just fine, though the edges buckled up quite a bit. I trimmed them off before taking this photo. Yum.

Click here for recipe.

Chocolate-Almond Bars

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  1. says

    These look great! Trader Joe’s always has a good price on almond butter. So these are healthy, right? Or at least I’ll tell myself that while eating them.

  2. Sue says

    Tomorrow I’m going to a city where there is a Trader Joe’s so I can stop by to see if I can find some less expensive almond butter, and then I’ll try these. Thanks so much for trying them out!! They look sooooo GOOD!!

    I was going to try that big huge cookie that you worked so hard on last May. I never got to make it because I had so much going on with a h.s. graduation and a college graduation and a child moving half way across the country. But, I’ll probably put them on the back burner again and try these instead, because I can actually eat these!! The big, fat, huge cookies would need to be farmed out to different homes or frozen until gluten eating people are around again.

  3. cookienurse says

    Anna, when you made the half batch did you halve the egg also? How do you measure half of a raw egg? (sorry for the dumb question)

  4. says

    These look so flipping good! I can almost taste the chocolate chips melting in my mouth as I crunch down into one of those delicious toasted almonds. Oh my…

  5. Carole R. says

    If you reduce the chocolate chips by some quanity and replace with dried cranberries these my be good on a holiday cookie tray.

  6. Carrie says

    I made these this afternoon- I actually had a jar of almond butter in the fridge that wasn’t getting used, so this seemed like the perfect excuse. The dough was unbelievable but then I overbaked them. The middle pieces taste great but the outside pieces did this strange thing where they puffed up and left the middle part hollow!

  7. says

    Carrie, I think these are easy to over-bake considering there’s no flour and the bake temp is 375. My half batch puffed up on the edges, but the insides were fine. I think I baked for 18 minutes.

  8. Therese B. says

    Yumma lumma ding doggity dog…these look divive! I licked the screen…there…I said it…I did it. I bet I am not alone here…am I right???!!

    After seeing the reviews I will watch the time…if these are anything like the screen tasted they should be amazing!! tee hee!

    Hey…TGIF…my computer is working again! I think I will talk to Bob…he is so sad…and I think he still might could have some of that left over wine from the night all happened! With Susan…bless her heart.

  9. says

    The poor little guys do look good! Some things/people just never get the credit they deserve! I got almond butter at Target a few months ago, it was expensive, either $7.99 or $8.99. But it’s yummy!

  10. cookienurse says

    hi Anna,
    I just made these and they turned out great!
    I used highly active yeast instead of the baking powder and it didn’t have problems with uneveness. I added a little shredded coconut too. Maybe next time I will try with chopped smoked almonds. Thanks for the recipe!

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