Peanut Butter Cookies from Moosewood

Here’s a peanut butter cookie that doesn’t call for butter. They’re from the Moosewood recipe archive which is worth checking out even if you don’t want peanut butter cookies. I haven’t formed an opinion on these cookies yet, as I’m still a little biased towards these.


peanut butter cookies

peanut butter cookies


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    I checked both recipes (always interested in peanut butter cookies) and the Moosewood recipe calls for a very low ratio of peanut butter to flour, so it would seem to me, a bit lacking in peanut butter flavor. I would definitely use your preferred recipe, which looks like it has lots of peanut flavor. Peanut butter is a good fat!

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    Lisa, I actually used 1/2 cup of peanut butter and still didn’t find the cookies peanut butter enough.

    Katrina, it sounds like you are doing more printing than baking.

    Cate, it looks like you haven’t posted the recipe yet. Can’t wait to see what yours is like. I have a few here, so I’m hoping it’s new and better.

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    Anna – i saw one cookie recipe that was basically: 1 cups peanut butter; 1 cups sugar; 1 egg. no flour. i tried it and it turned out okay, but i had no basis for peanut butter cookies so i can’t really judge; maybe you know more about it?

    also, what do you do with the majority of cookies that you bake each day?

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    Hi Pearl,

    This is the one I use. It sounds like the one you saw. I sometimes use less sugar or use a combo of brown sugar and granulated sugar, but these cookies always turn out great.

    They work best when you use a peanut butter like Skippy Natural or Jif Natural or Smart Balance — one that’s not super sweet.

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    Anna, you’re right about the printing/baking, but I did just post some really yummy no-bake healthy peanut butter, Wheaties cookies I made the other day!

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    Okay, you have to promise to update your post when you decide how you feel about these cookies. They certainly look delicious! Thick and chewy. I love PB!

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