Gigi’s Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake

This just in — Ghirardelli’s most intense chocolate dessert, created by the lovely and talented Gigi (who I’m hoping is reading the blog today) is now on line.

Here’s a link to the recipe.

The other winners are listed here. As soon as mine gets published in LHJ, I’ll post the link.

Best of all, I have a new favorite Web site…….Chocolate Atlas.

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  1. says

    OH! would that recipe be the Triple Layer Chocolate Triangles? The five-chocolate brownie with unsweetened, dark, milk, and bittersweet chocolate and cream cheese and drizzled with white chocolate? Whose publication we eagerly await? heeright on, emily: that choc atlas is A+

  2. says

    Oh Man! That cake recipe sounds out of this world! It has definitely got to be tried…! I need to read the restThanks again for the bar recipe, they were gone in no time!

  3. Gigi says

    Hi Anna! Thanks for the mention on your blog…I was just telling my husband how addicted I am to it!

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