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a discussion on baking powder.

I missed the post last year, but ran across it today while trying to determin if Italian “cake powder” is the same as American baking powder.  The link didn’t answer my question, but it was a good brush-up on the differences between brands of compositions.

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  1. says

    Good morning!
    I can’t remember why but awhile ago I switched to aluminum free baking powder and I was really surprised at how much difference it makes in baked goods. I bought the Rumford brand. I think things taste better with this than the kind I used to buy. My husband and kids noticed a difference too.
    Good luck finding the information you’re looking for on cake powder vs. baking powder!

  2. Louise says

    Anna — I think I told you my husband is a retired metallurgical engineer. His specialty was coated sheet, most recently automotive and building material, but long ago he did research for the tin mill. That’s beer and food cans to you. You can taste metal if it’s something like one part per million. That’s why beer tastes better out of a bottle. And why there’s coatings inside cans. There’s more to it, but you don’t want to hear the whole thing. But it makes total sense that there would be a taste difference with aluminum free baking powder.

  3. says

    I feel a bit doltish. I never paid much attention to this before. I may just switch to the homemade variety since I always have those materials on hand anyway.

    Thanks for the link!

  4. says

    I’m so glad you linked to this. Any discussion of baking powder is great by me. I love learning about baking science.

  5. says

    Thank you for the weblink for baking powder. I used to use Rumford and now I am going to switch back.

    BTW, the croissant recipe is super simple to try if you would ever like to. I was shocked and the flavor was fantastic. Thank you for the comment =), Shandy

  6. says

    I figured you meant Rumford, since Calumet is the one with the aluminum. Though deep down I was kind of hoping you and your mom had a secret reason for buying baking powder WITH aluminum.

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