Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Madness!

A friend told me she loves oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so this morning I went on an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie baking rampage. To start, I pitted the Frog Commissary Cookies against a 5-star 1000 + review cookie from allrecipes.com. Guess which won? Neither! Both batches were terrible — but not because of the recipe. I measured everything correctly using my scale and measuring cups to do so, but I’d acquired some bleached flour by accident and made the bad choice to use it. The cookies were puffy and kind of chalky tasting.

Just to make sure bleached flour was the issue, I gathered up what little I had of unbleached and made another small batch of the Frog Commissary cookies. This second batch, made the same way but with unbleached flour, were thinner with crispy edges and chewy centers. Here’s a photo of the cookie made with bleached flour next to the cookie made with unbleached.


So after shoving my bleached flour in the deep freeze and vowing only to use it for certain cakes, I went to the store for more unbleached flour and made three batches of cookies back to back – Frog Commissary Cookies, a batch of the popular cookies from allrecipes.com and just for fun – a batch of the curry cookies made without curry. We’ll call them “Friendly Kitchen” cookies since that’s where I adapted the original recipe, which was vegan.


All three cookies were winners. My favorite was the Friendly Kitchen cookie because it’s sturdier, thicker and less sweet, but butter lovers will probably choose the allrecipes cookie and the Frog Commissary cookie will get the vote for crowd pleaser.

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  1. Meredith says

    In Bakewise, doesn’t Shirley Corriher (sp.?) advise using BLEACHED flour? Seems that I ran out to buy bleached flour specifically after reading her comments on cookies and cakes…..

  2. says

    Meredith, she might. I know that certain bakers recommend bleached for cakes and I can see why. The composition is a little different. I knew that, but today’s cookies really drove the point home.

    I think bleached would be better for certain cakes and may cookies that you want to be kind of cakey like Whoopie pies.

  3. Jennifer says

    You really should try the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Kevin’s Cookies in Austin… They are the best EVER. (Of course, they’re still no match for the Kevin’s Triple Chocolate Almond!)

  4. says

    Thanks for the tip, Jennifer! I’d never heard of Kevin’s until now….and it’s not far from my house. I might not get there tomorrow, but I will in the very near future.

  5. Louise says

    I’ve been making the Frog cookies for 25 years so they are a favorite with me. 🙂 We regularly used to go to The Commissary restaurants in Philly and these flew out the door. I always chill the dough overnight before baking. And, I always double the chips. Count me in on this taste comparison as Frog Commissary Cookies aren’t going down without a good replacement.

  6. Amy Kritzer says

    Hi! I have been reading all your blondie recipes and was wondering the difference between using dark and light brown sugar in recipes. How does it affect the results? Thanks for your blog!

  7. Joelle says

    Awesome reicpe Anna! Delicious. Do you have a recipe for turtle cookies or I guess they are also called chocolate carmel pecan cookies? I can’t seem to find one anywhere!

  8. says

    Louise, The Frog cookies are great! I tend to like cookies that are a sturdy and thick, so the other ones were my favorite today, but it was a tough choice. I think The Frog cookies would be an overall crowd pleaser.

    Amy, dark brown sugar will make things darker and will give things slightly more molasses flavor. It’s usually good with nuts and cinnamon, but if you’re planning on using chocolate, you may want to stick with light so that the molasses flavor doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate.

    Joelle, my friend Jannine gave me a recipe similar to that a while back.


    Not sure if this is the one you want, but it’s an old one. Janinnine uses dulce de leche.

  9. CindyD says

    The comparison chart is very interesting. I compared them to mine, and they are very close to the Frog cookies except for the shortening. Next time I bake I may try adding the milk to my recipe.

  10. says

    Cindy, tomorrow I’m going to post the results of the King Arthur Essential Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies made with chocolate chips. If anything gives your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a run for the money, it would be the KA. They’re crunchy, but they have some butter to add butter flavor. But the shortening ones (yours) have the best texture.

    The Frog cookies are great, but they are crispy chewy rather than crunchy all the way through. They have a great butter flavor.

  11. says

    Thanks for all the great oatmeal chocolate chip cookie info. Till now my go to recipe has been the one from Cooks Illustrated. Can’t wait to hear about King Arthur’s.

  12. hulagirl247 says

    hi anna!

    i just ran across this and found it interesting and thought i would share this with you & the rest of the readers…..

    “One novel way to work avocadoes into your diet is to use them as a fat substitute in baking. Researchers at Hunter College in New York City replaced half of the butter in an oatmeal cookie recipe with puréed avocado. Not only did this swap cut the total fat count by 35 percent (avocados have fewer fat grams per tablespoon than butter or oil), it also made the resulting treats softer, chewier, and less likely to crumble than cookies made according to the original recipe.”

    this came from an article i was reading about healthy eating and proper food storage. i thought it sounded odd but very intriguing.(and i am going to try it this weekend if i can get my hands on some decent avocados) what do you think about this idea?

    regards –


  13. says

    Wow Anna! You’ve really done your homework! I love the comparisons and to read your thoughts regarding each option.
    My daughter used to love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but now I believe she’s back in the plain CCC camp. I’ll have to make one of these recipes sometime when she’s home to see what she thinks.
    Hula girl’s comments about avocado in cookies is fascinating too!

  14. says

    Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my very favorite. I will try the Friendly Kitchen ones to see if they hold up to my favorite recipe.

  15. says

    Jess, it sounds like you like a slightly chewier cookie. These are on the crisp side — chewy in the center, but crisp on the edges. I baked some more of the dough today using 350 degrees F. and liked the results better. The cookies were less brown and cooked more evenly.

  16. says


    Thanks for the info! Coincidentally, I was wondering how avocado would work as a fat replacement. I don’t like avocados much, but they are super healthy and would make a great fat replacer for a more wholesome type cookie. I’ll probably buy an avocado for baking. Karen over at Family Style Food has a recipe for an avocado mousse.

  17. beyourbest says

    I fixed the Frog Commissary recipe. I used a package of mini-chocolate chips and didn’t know that I had bought them, but I made them for the recent holiday and everyone said that they were good. Oatmeal chocolate chip is one of my favorite cookies.

  18. Valerie Keller says

    I purchased this cookbook some decades ago, and by far, their chocolate chip cookie recipe is the BEST!!

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