More Cookie Exchange Ideas

Chicago Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Statesman’s “The Cookie Swap Made me Do It” series

Mt. Rainier Macaroons

The Coffee Toffee Sandies look good

Serious Eats kicked off their cookie a day series with these adorable Cut-Out Sugar Cookies.

Mmmmm. Butter Tastin’ Jammies.

Spiced Walnut Butter Cookies from a co-owner of the Magnolia Grill

Beautiful picture of an Italian Anise Cookie (plus recipe)

A contest winning recipe for Almond Butter Cream Sandwiches

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  1. says

    I may sound weird for asking this, but what does anise taste like? I’m told its like fennel; but then I don’t even know what fennel tastes like!

  2. says

    Anna, I’m lovin’ all these great cookie lists. Now just if time and my fat gut would allow me to make and taste them all! Sigh.
    Clara Curtis–I don’t know that I’ve ever knowingly had anise either, but have learned (through cooking shows) that anise and fennel both have a licorice taste to them.

  3. Elena says

    Thanks so much for sharing all of these (and the previous) recipe links. And, I can always use a good cookie recipe. Instead of a cookie swap, my family hosts a cookie party. I make loads of cookies and all of our family friends come over for a fun open house-type party. The kids have their fill and wreck the house, but I enjoy it and have fun.

  4. Louise says

    Anise tastes like licorice in it’s own way. It’s used in some Italian and Greek cookies and pastries. Ouzo has anise.

    I’ve never seen the point of cookie exchanges. For as long as I can remember I go on a baking marathon and do twenty or more varieties of cookies resulting in seventy pounds or so of cookies. I send them to family and friends. There are a few types I always make, and some varieties show up occasionally and then there always new ones to include. It’s sort of a Christmas present to myself. I use only the finest ingredients and all cookies must be perfect. I don’t start actually baking until about December 10th but I only use recipes where the cookies keep well.

    A columnist in our local newspaper puts together driving routes of the best Christmas lights and he raises money for charity by taking bids to go with him. In past years he’s raised about $10,000 so people are pretty generous. People with the winning bids also get a box of my cookies.

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