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Effortless Fudge Brownies Redux

A few weeks ago I made a brownie recipe called Marilu’s Effortless Fudge Brownies. The featured product was a natural sweetener called Sucanet. The shine and texture of the brownies was incredible, but the Sucanet gave them an odd taste. I decided to try the same recipe again, but with plain old brown sugar. Since…

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Blackberry Cobbler for Two

blackberry cobbler for two

A few weeks ago my friend Randall shared his grandma’s recipe for peach cobbler. I fully intend to make it with peaches, but blackberries were on sale, so I followed the lead of my own grandma and made blackberry cobbler. But unlike my grandma, who made her famous cobbler in a 9×13 inch pan and…

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Rocky Road Cashew Candies

rocky road cashew candies

If you’re too hot to bake but could go for something sweet, salty and chocolatey, here’s an easy recipe made with the second best nut. Not so sure about the “second best” thing? Me neither, but it’s something to ponder; and you’ll be able to do lots of pondering while you make this candy because…

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Caramel Bars

Caramel Circle

The Easy Chocolate Caramel Bars were great, but I wanted to try a second version a little more like the Sheila’s Dream Bars we sometimes buy at Pot Belly Sandwich Shop. Those bars don’t contain oats, and I read somewhere that the caramel in the middle is the kind used for candy apples.  There are…

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