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  1. Anna

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for stopping by. I love milk chocolate kisses, but really do not like how milk chocolate tastes after it’s been baked. It tastes a little too sweet and sometimes dries up a bit. In some recipes it works (recipes with lots of fat to buffer) but in some cases it just tastes to sugary.

    Thanks for the condenced milk tip. Maybe next time I’ll cook up some dulce de leche.

  2. Tim Piatek

    Why would using milk-chocolate kisses be out of the question? Burning?

    In any case, you sure can make dulce de leche with an open can – I’ve done it a few times from raw milk, and while that takes a long time, you can just shortcut the whole process with condensed milk. If you cook it until it’s VERY thick, you’ll have a lovely toffee-caramel type chew. Definitely worth giving a try!

  3. Anna

    Are the mint kisses made with milk chocolate? If they are, I don’t think they’d work well. If they are made with dark chocolate, then maybe…..

  4. From our Kitchen

    Those look very intensely chocolatey from the dark color. Maybe it’s just the photo though. I wonder how they would taste using a differnt kind of Hershey’s Kiss, like the mint ones…

  5. Anonymous

    Low fat brownies?Definately what I need to be making.lolEmily

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