New York’s Best Cupcakes

I had no idea so many Cookie Madness readers were New York bound. Bakery sales across the city are going to spike!

For those of you planning a cupcake tour, here’s a Best Cupcakes list from the people at Pocket Change. Thanks to Taneka for sharing this link.


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  1. says

    i just finished reading the ny cookie tour and then you post this tease of a picture of cupcakes. ARGH! my office is right down the street from the uws magnolia bakery – looks like i’ll have to get a snack later. my pick is the red velvet!

  2. says

    Hi Mona,

    Thanks for stopping by! I wish I’d consulted your restaurant blog before heading to NYC.

    I’ve heard the thing to order at Magnolia is their banana pudding.

  3. says

    This is getting a little scary – I now have the chance to combine a NYC chocolate chip cookie tour with a cupcake tour. Sugar overload here I come!

  4. Sue says

    Dear Anna,
    You could start a business doing food tours!! A cupcake tour, a cookie tour, a pizza tour, an upscale restaurants tour, a bagel tour, a sandwich tour, a pie tour, the possibilities are endless.
    BTW, the cupcake in the photo looks yummy.
    Did I ever tell you I made the cupcakes you posted about from the Small Batch Baking book? They were a hit, and there were just the right number.

  5. Therese B. says


    I am with Sue!! Food Tours with Anna!!!

    Or…or…ANOTHER IDEA…Food City Swap Tours..let’s face it….we all have something individualized specific GREAT places for food or specialties.
    Anna if you ever want to visit Wisconsin…I have some GREAT places. My hubby and I are FOOD SNOBS…picky and we like to eat GREAT food!

    I have had a lot of coffee today. Can you tell?

    I am baking your dark cc cookies…with the instant espresso today! YUM!

  6. says

    Lol @ Katrina!
    Ok I’m starting on a diet from today so I can eat all of the cookies and cupcakes in NY! So from today on, no more sweets for me!
    Right, who am I kidding?…

  7. Chris C-L says

    If anyone is ever in St. Louis, I highly recommend The Cupcakery ( They have a sister store in Knoxville and are not “related” to The Cupcakery in Las Vegas. We love this place! I have a dozen cupcakes on their way home from St. Louis as we speak.

  8. Katy says

    I’m up for the tour swap concept and I vote for Billy’s for best cupcake in NYC.
    Do you think those City Bakery cookies have a touch of molasses?

  9. Therese B. says

    Cupcakes…oh boy! Anna…are you listening to us?…we are moms who need a bakery tours coffee (hint..hint) and cookie/cupcakes!

    Listen to the people…we vote you in!! Anna for bakery President!!

    Tee hee!

    p.s. The Martha Stewart Chocolate Chip cookies were awesome! A Tablespoon of instant espresso!
    I don’t think I will be sleeping tonight!

  10. says

    Therese, I’m glad you liked those cookies.

    I’ll check with Todd and see if we can move to New York to do bakery tours. I’m sure my position as a bakery tour guide would pay for the million billion dollar condo we’d have to live in.

  11. Sue says

    You can probably do it from Texas and fly back and forth. Then you wouldn’t have to uproot Fuzz. Plus, you’d be able to do tours in cities across the U.S. What fun!!

  12. says

    I’m so behind on blog reading! I’m glad I found this list b/c I’m off to NYC next week too. I’m celebrating my 30th b-day! Now I need to go find a list of the city’s best scones:)

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