A Crunchy, Nutty, Oaty, Wheat Free Cookie

I stumbled across today’s cookie while looking for something else. At first I thought it was a regular oatmeal cookie, but upon further inspection of the recipe I saw that it was a wheat free cookie made with nut and oat flours. I didn’t have any of the nut flours mentioned, but I did have almonds, hazelnuts and oats so I made my own by grinding the nuts and oats (nuts first, then oats) in my little coffee bean grinder. Grinding your own flour sounds like a messy pain, but if you are working with small amounts, it’s actually kind of fun. Plus, when you think about how much it would cost to buy a full bag of fancy hazelnut flour, almond flour and oat flour, well…

So if you have a coffee grinder, a couple of varieties of nuts and some oats, give these cookies a try. The only change I made to the recipe as printed in the link was to ADD A SCANT 1/2 TEASPOON SALT. I found it to be necessary and wouldn’t leave it out. Then again, you are the type of person who doesn’t miss salt in various baked goods, you can leave it out, as the recipe did not originally call for it.

The cookies are delicious. They’re kind of crispy/crunchy and they have a good flavor. Given how good they were, I think it might be worth buying the book they originally appeared in — “Cookies for Breakfast: A Teen’s Not So Bad Guide to Wheat and Gluten-Free Baking,” by Michael H. Perlman.


wheat free cookie

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  1. says

    Those looks perfectly formed! Probably a bit on the crunchy side but I bet they have a wonderful flavor with all those nuts.

  2. says

    Wow, these sound really interesting! I like the idea of baking with nut flours. I do have a recipe I really like, using almond flour, without even any added sugar, just bananas and chocolate chips for sweetening (although I did find I liked it better with a bit of agave syrup mixed in.) I’ll have to try this one, too, or make up a hybrid of the two (always so fun.)

    Thanks as always!

  3. says

    These were really great. I added a little ground up unsweetened coconut to the dough and can’t wait to have another cookie tomorrow. After I finish this batch, I want to see if I can make it a little more nutritious. It still has a stick of butter and a good amount of sugar. It would be nice to swap all or part of the butter out for oil, reduce the sugar and maybe incorporate a more wholesome sweetener.

  4. Jessica "Su Good Sweets" says

    What an idea! Cookies for breakfast! I’ve been looking for one that’s healthy and won’t give me a sugar crash in the morning. I saved the recipe on 101 Cookbooks. Also tried Elie Krieger’s Kitchen Sink Cookies–don’t bother. I think it’s missing baking powder.

  5. says

    Yeah, the recipe I mentioned was on 101 Cookbooks, Nikki’s Healthy Cookie. Is that the one you mean, Jessica?

    Anna, I’m glad you’ve found one you like, I know I can always count on you to find and create the very best!

  6. says

    I’ve made the one from 101–Nikki’s cookies and they were really good. I could just keep eating the dough–since there was no egg!
    Anna, these look and sound great. Crunch, crunch!

  7. janet says

    Looks wonderful and I happen to have oat and almond flour in the freezer….will have to grind up the hazelnuts though. Used to live in Marysville WA so I enjoyed seeing this recipe was from the Everett paper…brings back fond memories…thanks for the recipe!!!

  8. says

    Katrina, I just checked the 101 recipe and it sounds good. It’s got to be quite different than this one because of the different amounts of fat, sugar, and the added banana. I like how they used the coconut oil. Wonder how it would work in these?

  9. says

    I also make my own oat flour all the time, in fact just did it today for a batch of cookies. It’s so easy and much cheaper, your’re right. I actually use a magic bullet and do it in seconds. The cookies sound great, I love to have ground hazelnuts and/or almonds in cookies :)!

  10. Therese B. says


    What would be the ratio of nuts to flour when you are blending in the coffee grinder. I actually HAVE a coffee grinder so I want to try this out. Is it just pure blended nuts?
    Thanks…I feel like I could write the book…cookie baking for dummies!!!

  11. says

    Therese, that’s a good question. I just kind of eyeballed it. I think if you start with double the amount of nuts you’d be fine. For instance, if you want 1/2 cup of almond flour start without about a cup of almonds. That will probably give you a little more than you need. Since you will be doing it in the coffee grinder, you’ll have to do it in increments so you can measure as you go.

  12. says

    These look fantastic. I was going to bake some oatmeal cookies today, I think I’ll be trying this recipe. Thank you!

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