If Your Stand Mixer Could Blog…

…what would it write about? Mine would write about being trapped at the bottom of the pantry and only pulled out for cakes.  He’d probably remind me that he’s more handsome than the food processor and deserves top counter space; and then he’d launch into his usual campaign about how we need more attachments. Or maybe my mixer would be friendly and helpful. Maybe he (my appliances are all male) is shy and likes living at the bottom of the pantry. I’m not really sure, but what got me thinking about this was  The Cuisinart Stand Mixer Blog, which is not written from the mixer’s point of view but from that of Jennifer Perillo who has her own blog as well.

I thought I’d throw that out there since so many bakers are in love with their stand mixers. Plus, the stand mixer blog has some good looking recipes including a tempting coconut tres leches cake and a (yowza) six layer lime cake with toasted coconut.

Well, gotta run. I need to go have a talk with my stand mixer.

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  1. says

    If you’re tired of your stand mixer and want some more space in your cabinets: I’m accepting stand mixer donations 🙂

  2. says

    Ha! I can’t believe you don’t use yours more. Do you use a hand mixer or is your stirring arm made of steel? Mine is in the pantry, too, but I feel like I lug the thing out every day!

  3. says

    Well, if I get tired of making meringues and pound cakes, you will be the first person I call. I use the mixer all the time for cakes, but hardly ever for cookies. I do like my stand mixer, but he plays second fiddle to the food processor and even to my hand-held.

  4. Rina says

    I used to have the same approach, but since upgrading the stand-mixer to prime kitchen counter space, I find that I use it for everything! I was gifted with one of those handy beater-blade attachments (can’t believe someone didn’t invent that sooner) and have new-found joy in watching it clean the sides of the bowl. If my mixer could blog, it would probably complain that I forget to use the shield and constantly spray flour, cream, and confectioner’s sugar all over the kitchen. =)

  5. says

    For the first night of Chanukah, last year. Al gave me the 7-quart Viking Professional Mixer. Each night I got a different attachment.

    Like you I use the mixer for cakes, etc. and a hand mixer for cookies, etc. But unlike you my mixer lives on my counter. Its too heavy to keep lifting.

  6. says

    Katrina and Rina, my mixer would blog about the shield as well. I gave up on the shield because it got in the way when I tried to scrape. Of course if I had the scraper attachment Katy Glass told me about, I wouldn’t have that problem either. She said that the $40 scraper attachment changed her life.

    I’m going to think seriously about re-arranging stuff so that my mixer sits out, but I just love the look of uncluttered counters (which hardly ever happens anyway). I wish I had a counter with a magic compartment where the mixer is stored…like a trap door in the counter that you open and pull up the mixer. I think my grandmother had something like that.

    Carole, that is hilarious! Cuisinart or KitchenAid should steal that idea and use it in a commercial. The 7 nights of Chanukah or the 12 Days of Christmas where each day is some sort of mixer attachment.

  7. says

    mine would talk about how it’s almost never used and that the owner resorts to the hand mixer sometimes for its easier clean -up.

  8. says

    If my mixer wrote a blog, I think it’d look a lot like the blog I write. I use it at least twice a week…

  9. says

    If the Cuisinart Stand Mixer blog gives all stand mixers a place on the counter, then I’ve done by job! Thanks for the mention and hope you all like reading the posts and cooking up a storm.

  10. says

    Jen, you are funny. Some days I think my mixer could write a better blog as well.

    Jennifer, I don’t read many appliance blogs but yours is an exception. However, I would like to see some posts from the mixer’s point of view ;).

  11. says

    would you believe I do not have a stand mixer? I do everything by hand, still?
    I am changing that soon, as I have too. Buying one very soon, just don’t know which one to get as I want a larger capacity one. I mean if you’re gonna get a mixer, get a big mixer is my theory.

  12. says

    My hand mixer broke a number of years ago, after my husband bought me my Kitchen Aid and I have never gotten a new one–but for clean up, sometimes I would just like to whip out the hand held. I’ll just have to add that to my very convenient Amazon wish list for my husband! He never even asks me what I want anymore, just buys things off my wish list. Then when an occasion is nearing, I look on the list to see what is gone from it and I know what he’s getting me. ha, sneaky.
    I used to love having my Kitchen Aid proudly displayed, but I too have that dream of uncluttered counters (THAT NEVER happens here either!) Sigh.

  13. says

    If nothing else you should beg, borrow, steel or even buy a second bowl for your stand mixer. It is so nice to whip egg whites or cream without transfering the batter, washing the bowl and whipping whatever.

  14. PhillyGirl says

    My KitchenAid would blog that she only gets pulled out from under the counter when there’s a new cookie recipe to try from someone else’s blog. She’s probably not happy that she doesn’t get to try breads or whip egg whites but she’s more than willing to try. She would also like another bowl but the $50 cost stops her owner dead in her tracks everytime. Some handy attachments would be great too, like the pasta maker or sausage grinder.. Ah, to dream…

  15. says

    I currently don’t have a stand mixer, but soon, I am about to become the proud momma to a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I can’t wait. No, I don’t have room in my kitchen for the mixer. No, I don’t have counterspace or tablespace or any space. But I am so excited!!

  16. Anonymous says

    Great post!
    Mine would say… I am the star of the kitchen! I sit on the counter and when I am being used to mix some sweet treats, I have my own lights attached to the counter that are turned just on me! I love my kitchen!
    hee hee 🙂

  17. says

    Great post!
    Mine would say… I am the star of the kitchen and my place in on the counter! When I am being used to make some sweet treats, I have my own lights that are turned on and shined just one me! I love my kitchen!
    Hee hee 🙂

  18. says

    Hi Anna,
    I probably should even be commenting here since I don’t own a stand mixer. BUT, if I did own one, it was just write “Please dust me off and use me!”

    For the amount of baking I do, my hand mixer has always been sufficient. I envy those of you who are great bakers!

  19. Pam says

    My KitchenAid would say “Hey, how about giving me a vacation? I could use a break here!!!”
    Mine sits on the counter and gets used several times a week. I agree with whoever recommended getting a second bowl, and also with the scraping mixing blade (although some of the scrapers have worn off mine after about a year’s usage). I love my KithenAid mixer. I have all the attachments, but have never used any of them — I need to unpack that box and give them a try.

  20. says

    Oh boy…I shouldn’t leave comments until I’ve finished my morning Diet Rock Star. The caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. I can’t stand typos!

    Let me try again.

    My stand mixer would write “Please dust me off and use me”!

  21. mariah says

    My mixer would said it is over worked and under paid.

    Though it lives in my pantry, I lug it out at least 4 times a week. If I had ANY counter space at all, it would be the shining gem I stared at daily.

    It has made cakes, tarts, scones, cookies and pizza dough.

    Last year at Christmas I made so many batches of homemade marshmallows that the “tranny” now has some sort of hiccup in it and it occasionally downshifts on higher speeds.

    I love my mixer.

    I have no idea how I got along before I got it.

  22. says

    My stand mixer would tell you all how happy it is in its own little storage cupboard on a lift and lock shelf. When it’s time for action, I just open the cupboard door, gently raise the shelf on it’s spring-loaded hinges and it locks into place. When I’m done, I pull a lever on each side of the shelf and it glides back into the cupboard, out of sight. I love it and so does my back! No lifting the mixer and no out on the counter clutter!

  23. Heidi says

    Mine sits out at all times. It is red – like all my appliances, spatulas, tea kettle, couch, sugar bowl, curtains, etc. I keep it out, and I use it as decoration. My house is neutral colored, so I use red to accent. It adds a very nice pop of color to the kitchen counter. 😉

    I use it almost every day. I make cakes, cookies, bread, meringues, whip cream… I just love being able to turn it up to high and have whipped cream in under a minute!

    I bought mine reconditioned, and I’m always afraid that I’m going to finally use it so much the motor will give out.

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