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When I went shopping for ice cream cones yesterday, I accidentally bought some “kid size”. If I’d paid closer attention to the label, I would have seen that the “kid size” were more like elfin fairy size They were tiny and oh so cute, but not very useful for today’s occasion. I did make a tiny one for myself, though. Bake time for the mini was about 15 minutes. To build the top part, I cut up some regular cupcake, “glued” it on with more icing, then let it set (a tiny crumb layer), then brushed icing over the set icing. There are probably better ways to do it, but that way worked today.

The mini ice cream cones are a lot of fun because you can offer people multiple flavors.


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  1. says

    I love these little mini cones. You can give a kid 3-4 of them and it about equals one and they think that’s pretty cool. I’m talking about ice cream, but the cupcakes are cool, too. Love they way you did it. Last year my friend’s dad (she’s 1 of 12 kids with about 50 grandkids to the fam) died and to help out I had about 30 of the kids over for a water party and served (constantly) the little elfin cones with ice cream to the kids. I told them they could keep coming and getting more, as many as they wanted. They thought that was pretty cool! Love it.

  2. says

    These are SO cute. I didn’t know they made little kid cones. I love the idea of baking cupcakes in them…can’t wait to try it.

  3. kate says

    Hi Anna,

    I bought those little ones by mistake, too!

    Now I make my husband ice cream cones and tell him to pretend like he’s a giant. Fun times!


  4. Kate M says

    I found a good solution for transporting them to school. I used a half steam pan and put two layers of heavy duty foil across the top. I then poked holes for the cone bottoms. Staggering rows of 4 and 3, I was able to get 18 regular sized cones in each pan. I then covered the full pans with an upside down pan. A bit bulky, but all of the cupcakes made it perfectly in tact this morning.

    Thanks again for the marshmallow idea, Anna. I used much less icing this time.

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