Life Cereal Cookies

This recipe was recommended by Claire, who found it on a box of Life Cereal.  Well, not exactly.  What I forgot before I left for the grocery store to buy Life Cereal with a cookie recipe on it, was that Claire said she got it off the Kroger grocery store copy cat version of Life, Living Well.   We don’t have Kroger here in Austin, so I used actual Life.

If you get to the bottom of a box of Life (or Living Well) cereal and want to use the dregs, this recipe is pretty useful.  The cookies were good — not too peanut buttery, but with an interesting texture from the cereal and a good flavor overall.  Chilling the dough keeps them from spreading much, so if you chill the dough you might want to press down the mounds of dough a little.  Also, the recipe just calls for “butter” and doesn’t call for any salt, so I recommend you use regular butter or use unsalted and add 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Link to Recipe

Life Cereal Cookies

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  1. says

    that sounds good to me. i used rice kripies in cheese crackers once, but i think everyone has done that. i want to try and use raisin bran in homemade granola bars.

  2. says

    The picture of these cookies look like they should be in a magazine.
    I haven’t tried cereal in any baked good yet, but I bet if I ground up something like All bran and added it to brownies, maybe I could call the brownies health-food!

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    Ooo…I’m honored! You’re right, they weren’t overly peanut buttery but the combination of PB and the extra flavor and crunch from the cereal makes them fun. I tried some cookies using Chex the other day and they were SUPER crunch, so the Life cereal is definitely better for cookies.

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    I saw those on Claire’s blog, too. Hers and yours both look like a great cookie. Love putting cereal in cookies. Next time we have some Life I’d like to try these.

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