Paradise Bakery Sugar Cookie Clone Recipe

It’s been a while since I posted a sugar cookie recipe, so here’s one I made yesterday and wanted to share. At first I was on the fence.  The cookies were okay, but not great.  But after a full day of chilling, I baked up a second round and thought they were much better.  Being made with shortening, they lack butter flavor and definitely need vanilla and salt to punch up the flavor, but the texture was pretty good.

Paradise Sugar Cookies

If you try or have tried the recipe, let me know.  They rave reviews on Recipezaar (or “” but I’m old school and like to call it “Recipezaar”) where people swear they taste like the cookies at Paradise Bakery.

Paradise Bakery Recipe Here

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  1. says

    I like most sugar cookies-I’ll bet these could use a tiny bit of almond extract too since like you say they lack that good butter flavor. What would you say their texture is?

  2. says

    is this the cookie that is huge and thick, almost like levain?
    i think i saw them on unique eats show on cooking channel, and was intrigued by the sheer thickness of the cookie. the insides were cooked thru and still moist despite their size.

  3. says

    Gloria, I almost put some in, but skipped it. They’d be great with it.

    Dawn, I am not familiar with that show, but I made these pretty small. I think this Paradise Bakery is pretty famous, though. Maybe it was them.

  4. biscuitwheels says

    I adore the Paradise Bakery giant sugar cookies. They seem to melt in your mouth. However, when I have tried to replicate them with this recipe I can always taste the shortening too much and they lack flavor. It seems something is missing from the bakery version. I did sprinkle them with extra sugar like Paradise does and of course used white vanilla to maintain the snowy white appearance.

  5. Anonymous says

    I’ve been using the same sugar cookie recipe for years. Found it during the 60’s in a series of books called Make It Now, Bake It Later.

  6. says

    Brianna, I’d say they’re kind of soft and dense with crispy edges. Have you tried the lofthouse clones? The ones with the sour cream? Those are softer and more pillow-like.

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