Wafer Paper on Cookies

According to my dad, who called from some park where he was sitting in his car eating a sandwich, today’s temperature hit 107. I’m pretty sure yesterday and the day before that it was even hotter, but I don’t want to think about it. At least this weekend’s heat inspired some new and unusual indoor activities.  For instance, sticking wafer paper onto cookies!

wafer paper

Have you ever heard of wafer paper? I hadn’t, but I was browsing a site called Fancy Flours (on-line shopping is another hobby I’ve picked up thanks to the heat) looking for interesting cookie cutters when I saw these cookies that appeared to have drawings stamped onto them. The drawing is actually an edible paper made with potato starch that you adhere to your iced cookie.

wafer papers

I put some in my electronic shopping cart and the order arrived in something crazy-fast like two days. I promise I have no affiliation with Fancy Flours, but they get an A+ for speedy service.

wafer paper

I wish I could say the same for the wafer paper. It’s interesting, but kind of strange. The cookies look like you stuck a sticker on them. I thought the transfer somehow magically dissolved into the icing, but it just kind of sits there. If you rub a little water around the edges with your finger,  it dissolves a little better and seems to blend in with the icing more, so maybe I just need practice.  The transfers are really cute.   I hope I get asked to make cookies this year for Fuzz’s class.

If you’re interested (or maybe have some advice or tips on how to use this wafer paper), here’s a link to the Fancy Flours selection or wafer papers.

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  1. says

    Ugh to that hot. I’m ready for a little autumn and we’re not even THAT hot.
    Those are cute designs on the paper. I think kids would think it’s really fun to stick those on cookies.

  2. says

    Katrina, they have a lot of different designs so you can pick papers for any occasion. I think I just need to practice and find ways (aside from the big, garish red border!) of making the edges less visible.

  3. Brenda says

    my college had a Back to School Bash last week and they handed out cupcakes with the logo on them. They were on a paper like this. I’m assuming they printed them in the culinary arts program or got them from the grocery store across the parking lot. They just kind of melted in your mouth–interesting.

  4. Susan says

    I almost bought these last week! Glad to hear your experience with them. Do they taste weird? Does it feel like you’re chewing on paper? I’m worried about a strange consistency.

  5. says

    Those are really cute. They remind me of embroidery designs like my grandma used to put on dish towels and pillow cases.
    And, of course you’ll be asked to make cookies for Fuzz’s class!!

  6. Po says

    I have used these on cakes and they dissolve into cake frosting so I would think they would work on cookie icing too, maybe let it sit a little longer?

  7. says

    Cindy, thanks for the link! I love the dog shaped cookie cutters.

    Louise, my freezer is too full to hold my ice cream making container.

    Brenda, maybe those were on rice paper? I know there are other types of edible transfers that really do dissolve. I’m in the process of testing another type.

    Susan, they actually taste pretty good! They’re a little bit chewy at first….but not TOO chewy. They’re kind of candy-like. I’d say they have just enough texture so that you can peel them off if you wish or go ahead and eat them.

    Sue, I wish mine looked as pretty as the ones in the picture. They are supposed to be cross-stick.

    Gloria, that’s a great idea.

    Po, maybe it’s the type of icing I used. I used hardened royal icing which is what the directions recommended. I’ve read about people using butter cream, but I haven’t tried that quite yet.

  8. Upstate NY Native says

    I’ve eaten them on cookies before. Don’t remember the type of icing but they were not chewy – they sort of melted in your mouth as you ate the cookie. Maybe I’ll order some – my 13 y/o Granddaughter loves to bake and she would love them. Thanks for the link and information.

  9. deborah frederickson says

    I just finished a batch of these wafer papers from fancyflours. Good grief, misery loves company. I am sorry that another had the same problem I did. I was planning to bring these to a Christmas potluck but I don’t see how I can. Exactly like you said, it looks like stuck on stickers. Such a disappointment. I am not a novice baker and used hardened royal icing and it just looks weird. I also wished or hoped they would “melt in.” I don’t know if butter cream would make a difference but if so, it would be nice to find this out!

    Debby Frederickson
    Fargo, ND

  10. says

    Hi Debby,
    I think there’s another type of paper that dissolves faster than this, but I agree — these look like stickers. They’re still kind of fun to play with and I’ve gotten better with practice, but I have had to be careful to cover the edges of the cut picture with icing. The edges do show.

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