Cranberry Chocolate Fudge Cake!

This Cranberry Chocolate Fudge Cake may be the best little chocolate cake in the world; or at least under certain conditions. Condition one being there’s half a can of cranberry sauce you need to use and condition two, you want chocolate cake, but hardly feel like baking. This recipe is all that and more.

cranberry chocolate fudge cake

I found this at the most obvious source, the Ocean Spray recipe database. It’s an 8-inch round not-quite-flourless chocolate cake which you make with a bowl and a spoon — no mixer required. The texture is kind of dense but light and the cranberries soften it up and add a little flavor. The only changes I made to Ocean Spray’s recipe were to use unsalted butter and add 1/4 teaspoon of salt, plus I swapped out the chocolate chips for bittersweet chocolate. I may make it again with a little chipotle powder.

Ocean Spray Outrageous Chocolate Cranberry Fudge Cake

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    This cake looks moist and chocolatey! It looks like you went through a lot more effort than it takes…Perfect for me! Plus it has fruit so it is health food!!! Good thanksgiving chocolate cake with the cranberries and all…I can’t believe I’m thinking TG!!!! Wed night I think it is supposed to be in the LOW 30s up here in the North….I’m not ready, will never be ready for that…but the flip side is there will be more comforting baking fragrances permeating the house!

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    The glaze on that cake looks elegant! While the source for the recipe may seem obvious, the combination isn’t obvious at all. At least not to me!

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    Gloria, Thanksgiving is around the corner! I’m thinking about it too.

    Sue, we really, really liked this one. I never would have thought to put a cup of cranberries in the cake. I may try making this again with a little cherry pie filling and some cherry extract or cherry liqueur.

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    The cherry pie filling thought makes me think of that cake where you take a chocolate cake mix and add a can of cherry pie filling. That is the only cake one of my friends makes. πŸ™‚ Goes without saying the kitchen isn’t her favorite room in the house. It is a tasty cake though!

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    Mary, I am going to have to try pumpkin for sure — that and a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. However, it wasn’t too sweet with the cranberry. I did use 70% chocolate rather than chocolate chips, so that also must have helped make it less sweet.

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    Ha! I’m having another one of those “I need cheering up at work” days and you’ve just done a great job! What a yummy looking cake πŸ™‚

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    I really dislike canned cranberry sauce but I love the fresh kind (more like jam) I’m curious how this would work with cranberry sauce that’s a little thinner. If it did then the possibilities are endless :).. all jams are up for grabs :).
    And your picture nearly floored me….

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    Mmm, I’d like to try the cranberry, cherry and pumpkin please. I know this seems nit picky, but for me, I like that this cake only has 2 eggs. Seems like most of the almost flourless chocolate cakes have 3-4 eggs. Which makes this one healthy, right–that and with the fruit. Pumpkin has fiber, too, right? I’ve been aching to open a can of pumpkin…hmm, I just might have to try that.
    Raspberry puree?–I’ve been loving chocolate and raspberry lately.

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    Julia, I hope your day got better. Make the cake!
    Mary, I really am interested to hear how pumpkin works. You might not need to use a full cup since it’s dense, but I just don’t know…
    Adam, homemade is the best! I’m probably going to post this recipe again near Thanksgiving when people are looking for ways to use leftover cranberry sauce. Based on my experience with the recipe, I think thinner cranberry sauce would be fine.
    Katrina, I guess the cranberry sauce goes where the eggs would normally go.

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    i can clearly see why this is the best.
    I am so going to try it this way the next time.
    and yes, add in some spice next time. I do it all the time and it adds just the right amount of something something, you know?

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    How interesting! I wouldn’t of thought to use cranberry sauce in a cake either!

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